Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Vol. 2 wins in inclusivity once again

Rihanna in the Savage X Fenty Vol.2 show. Photo courtesy Getty Images

Rihanna has done it once again with her second installment of the Savage X Fenty lingerie fashion show, which was made available to stream via Amazon Prime on October 2.

By combining visuals, storytelling and creativity, Ms. Fenty’s show was an experience that made its audience feel as if they were in the front row. In a breathtaking interlude, Rihanna began the show with a sensual voiceover matched with equally sensual graphics.

“Storytelling is the last part of any journey,” Rihanna said in her voiceover. “There is experience, and then there’s that emotion connected to that experience. Whether it’s a scent, whether it’s the sound – that emotional connection to that particular moment, is the thing that makes it worthy of telling in a story.”

The episode featured live performances from Rosalía, Ella Mai, Roddy Rich, Lizzo, Bad Bunny and Miguel. Celebrity appearances included cameos by Cara Delevingne, Indya Moore, Bella Hadid, Demi Moore, Normani, Willow Smith, Laura Harrier, Luenell, Rico Nasty, Nazanin Mandi, and many more.

In the beginning scene, model Parris Goebel is performing on the screen while the voice in the background repeats the phrase “a savage, a beast.” These words are familiar to those who have purchased or worn Savage x Fenty.

In addition to the lingerie featured on the Savage X Fenty website, the fall collection from the Vol. 2 show is now available to purchase on Amazon. Along with the release of the collection on Amazon, Savage X Fenty also released an exclusive line of men’s boxers and boxer briefs, which have already sold out. The boxer briefs were seen on celebrities Christian Combs and Big Sean in the fashion show.

Savage X Fenty model Steven in the size 2X Savage X Trunks. Photo courtesy SavageX.com

FAMU alum and fashion expert Kat Marlew enjoyed the show, specifically the representation of unknown talent and the addition of men.

“My expectations were blown out of the water, honestly, and it just amazes me how Rihanna and her team showcase different walks of life,” Marlew said. “She gave underrated talent a chance to shine. It was nice to see men in the show with different body types, as well. I was reading some tweets from plus size men that felt represented and confident once they saw men like them feeling confident in the Savage x Fenty boxers. Men like to feel confident about themselves, too.”

In this tweet similar to the one Marlew mentioned, and in many replies, it is noticeable that many men feel the same about the newfound confidence they have due to Rihanna’s inclusivity.

This level of inclusivity isn’t new to Savage X Fenty. Throughout the show, models of different ethnicities, sizes and sexualities, were featured in eccentric lingerie, makeup and some models even stunted their hair in a mullet-like style. These observances led its viewers to compare it to the bland energy of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“Quite frankly, when it comes to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, before I was enlightened, I thought that was just the standard of body image,” Marlew said. ”Seeing the angels that were very slim, only a sprinkle of Black women, maybe one Asian woman, but I didn’t see much diversity on the runway and was only excited for the show.”

On November 22, 2019, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, L Brands, decided to end the well-known fashion show, seeing it “not fit for television anymore.” Whether this was a cover in response to the controversy surrounding their statement on transgender women, a lack of diversity or the growing competition with Savage X Fenty, Victoria’s Secret has not moved forward with any plans for another show.

“When you look at Victoria’s Secret compared to Savage X Fenty, you see the stark difference in how models are treated,” Marlew said. ”It just really made me proud to see a Black woman, in her own words, was carrying this brand on her back and really setting the standard on how future runway shows should approach diversity – instead of talking about it, be about it.”

Cast of Savage X Fenty show Photo courtesy @SavagexFenty Twitter account

Whether it was the countless nods to diverse models, the shimmering visuals, the stunning drag show, or the electric choreography, Savage X Fenty did exactly what it had to do. Robyn Rihanna Fenty is teaching lessons in how to successfully master inclusion and diversity.

The Root’s Corey Townsend wrote it best in The Root, saying “She doesn’t just “talk that talk—she’s the savage that backs it up.”

You can stream the Savage X Fenty Vol. 2 episode here on Amazon Prime.