Need a change of scenery for studying? Try these nearby spots

All Saints Cafe on Railroad Avenue. Photo courtesy

School routines and study schedules can be draining. This is a fact proven even more with the addition of distance learning techniques, as Zoom calls all begin to sound the same after a while.

As the pandemic limits social interactions and gathering, the comfort of your room can begin to feel like a prison cell. A change in scenery, however, does wonders for your mind as you study.

For instance, instead of sticking to one study location, simply alternating the room where a person studies improves retention,” according to a New York Times article explaining new research done on study habits. Times correspondents spoke with psychologist Robert A. Bjork from the University of California, Los Angeles. We have known these principles for some time, and its intriguing that schools dont pick them up, or that people dont learn them by trial and error.”

Tallahassee is teeming with brilliant minds that need first-rate environments to produce their best. Luckily for these students, the city is also home to more than a few gems where students can do schoolwork, try a new drink, and discover new songs to add to their chill playlist.

Karis Buggs, a junior at Florida State University, is no stranger to the study spots Tallahassee hides in plain sight.

My favorite place to study is All Saints Cafe by Railroad Square,” Buggs said. They have really nice coffee and they stay open late for those nights when I have an 11:59 deadline.”

All Saints Cafe sits on Railroad Avenue and boasts a friendly staff and spacious dining area. They serve a wide array of coffee options, along with small portioned food items. With tables and chairs strategically placed, this spot is probably best for individual or small group study.

The inside of Serenity Coffee & Kava Bar. Photo courtesy Serenity Coffee & Kava Bar’s Facebook Page

Nearly next door, youll find Serenity Coffee and Kava Bar, where students feel more and more relaxed, sip by sip. Upon entry, the cafe greets you with natural and minimalistic aesthetics. Clearly accustomed to college students, they have couches, both small and large tables, and various seating to accommodate groups of just about any size. Though purchase is not necessary to sit and enjoy the atmosphere (and wifi) it is encouraged as space can get limited.

Kava, Serenitys signature item, is a root from the South Pacific that provides stimulating and euphoric effects similar to alcohol, without hindering your judgment or motor skills. An alternative to Kava is Kratom, a leaf from Southeast Asia with similar yet more calming effects. Matthew Nazareth, one of the owners, noted that most of the people seen working or reading were drinking Kratom.

The Greenwise Market on Gaines Street serves the community as a grocery but also as a tranquil study area. If you enter and go up to the second floor, youll find booths, tables, and high-top chairs open for use. With no purchase necessary to use the facility, Greenwise offers a space quiet enough for you to attend a Zoom meeting and not be disturbed. Several students can be seen here from open to close in both the area upstairs, and the outside seating on the lower level.

New environments can ease writers block, help with retaining knowledge and, most importantly, serve you really good coffee.