Runoff underway for Miss Graduate Attendant

Photo courtesy FAMU SGA

FAMU’s Student Government Association hosted its annual candidates pageant last week where students tuned in via Youtube to watch as the candidates competed for Miss Freshman attendant and Miss Graduate attendant.

Candidates began their campaign journey by posting relentlessly on their social media accounts and GroupMes in order to engage with students virtually. They also found creative ways to capture the eyes of their classmates.

Ashanti White and Kiara Carmon are both master of business administration candidates who were on a mission to gain their crown as the next Miss Graduate Attendant for the 2020-2021 academic year. Brook Hawkins and Imani Williams are two impressive young women who were also on a mission to claim their crown as the next Miss Freshman Attendant.

As election results came in Tuesday, the winners were announced. Hawkins claimed the Miss Freshman Attendant title.

 “It feels good knowing that all my hard work and dedication paid off and that my class saw me fit to be their first queen,” Hawkins said.

Graduate student senators were also elected Tuesday, while the senators representing the freshman class won’t be selected until next.

Bria Calvin, Kebbi Kelley and Andrea Pugh-Kelley were elected to represent graduates students in the Student Senate.

Newly elected Electoral Commission Ryanne Taylor said SGA is still learning how to hold virtual elections as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Elections being online is still new and there’s always something new to learn,” she said.  “The pageant was a very challenging project to plan as there is always  a ‘what-if’ in this virtual world. But I have a wonderful team full of dedicated people that we were able to successfully make things happen.”

As far as the position of Miss Graduate Attendant, there will be a runoff between  Carmon and White. Graduate students are being advised to revote for either student.

 “Although the race went into a runoff, I was so excited to see the amount of support I had from the student body. I have been working hard since the start of this campaign and I will continue to fight until the finish. It has also been an honor running alongside the beautiful Kiara Carmon,” White said.

Camron said:  I am grateful to have another opportunity to reach out to more graduate students and inform them on how I plan to advocate on their behalf to enhance their graduate experience.”

Graduate students have until 8 p.m. to cast their votes. The winner will be announced Thursday.