Review: A Town Wings disappoints

A Town Wings is located on West Tharpe Street. Photo by Takeem McCray

A Town Wings isn’t the best wing restaurant in town, but the quality of the wings is notable. At any wing restaurant, you can expect to have your buffalo, garlic parmesan or lemon pepper flavored wings. The restaurant might even have tenders, but not seafood. A Town Wings succeeds in menu variety, offering Philly cheesesteaks, fish, shrimp and wings all on the same menu.

A Town Wings has a distinct footprint in the crowded world of wing restaurants.

Founded in Atlanta in 2008, the wing king has been able to open 17 restaurants. In addition to Tallahassee it has eateriesin Huntsville, Ala., and Augusta, Ga., to name some. A few chicken shop store owners assembled 12 years ago and created A Town wings. Their idea for the restaurant was for top-notch food to be freshly cooked in a fast-food way.

The wings aren’t the only thing that draws customers in. Perhaps it’s the seafood or Philly cheesesteaks. A Town Wings has a great deal of variety for a wing restaurant.

Unfortunately, boneless wings are missing from the menu and the wing flavors are limited compared to other wing giants. Their flavors include lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, honey mustard, and barbecue.  A Town Wings also has different variations of the same flavor, which one may find unnecessary. Maybe if it didn’t have all those variations of the same flavor, it would find room for different flavors of wings.

I ordered the garlic pepper wings expecting to taste that distinct kick your taste buds get from garlic and pepper. When I began to bite into them, I was met with a sweet garlic honey taste.

My receipt had garlic pepper wings, so maybe it was a mistake on their end. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave me the wrong order, because the customer service was horrible. When I entered the restaurant to order, the cashier was leaning over the counter and she didn’t greet me.  When I came to get my food, the bagger was leaning over the counter with negative body language.

Ultimately, A Town Wings is average but not horrible. The highlights are the variety and the fact that the wings are fried to perfection.

If you are in a hurry and have a taste for some decent wings, seafood or Philly cheese steaks with the choice of chicken, A Town Wings might be convenient.