New college grads face crash in job market

Class of 2020 Graduates. Photo courtesy Google

New college graduates are entering the worst job market in over a decade with more competition than ever before. Not only are they facing more competition, but they can also expect lower starting salaries due to coronavirus. Because of this discouraging factor, many graduating students are restrategizing their path to success. 

Brandon Moise, a graduating Interdisciplinary Studies student from Miami, Florida, is weighing his option of continuing his education through graduate school.  

“The global pandemic has affected my graduation and post-grad plans. Our graduation is already canceled, which deeply saddens the fall of 2020 class. In regards to after graduation, I think every graduating senior feels unmotivated to even apply to jobs. The few places that I can seek employment with my degree is limited, due to hiring freezes. My main hopes now are applying for graduate schools because it is more promising than graduating undergrad with a job in your career field,” Moise said. 

As of September 4, 2020, the overall unemployment rate fell to 8.4 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Their senior year certainly will not end the way Rahjanique Locklear thought it would. But, the Business Administration senior from Lockland, Florida, was already adapting to the virtual atmosphere. 

“In terms of post-grad and job placements, I have been adapting to remote style internships and jobs before the pandemic. I have secured my job with a company I am working, for now, that is sponsored by a federal grant. I will serve as a media communications manager. I am working to create a different environment in the workforce,” Locklear said.  

The amount of long-term harm that the current conditions will do to new workers depends on if, when, and how quickly the economy bounces back. Unlike Locklear, other graduating students are having a hard time dealing with this setback. 

Krystaliee Bougle, a graduating senior from Broward County, Florida, says it took her some time to get back motivated after experiencing this pandemic. 

“Initially, I planned on going into corporate America after I graduated with my Masters in Business Administration. It took me some time to shake the defeat off of me. Now, I have decided I want to just work for myself and build on to my brand,” Bougle said. 

Here’s what college grads can do to help get their career off the ground during these difficult times:

  1. Make sure to network! 
  2. Always update your professional profile online. You can make a good first impression with your LinkedIn profile. 
  3. Make sure you know how to use the platform to do a video call or virtual interview. 
  4. Be consistent. Be sure to reach back out to employers or professionals to follow up about opportunities. 

There are many different ways to view this situation. Now is not the time to give up or standstill. The job market search is likely going to be extended and how people choose to use that time is important. Take this time to think about what you will do instead.