FAMU is my third college, I hope it’s my last

Columnist Maleek Hobdy. Photo courtesy Hobdy

Three schools in five years. What a journey.

I graduated from Jones High School in Orlando in 2015. I went to Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa, to play football. I spent two semester there and met different people from all around the world. It was a great experience for me because I got to see snow for the first time and be in a totally new environment. It was fun and also tough tat the same time.

I later decided my time was up at Graceland and asked my head couch for my release papers from the team. It was a hard decision but I knew it was the right one to make.

After leaving Graceland in the spring of 2016, I came to Tallahassee Community College. The plan was for me to stay there for one semester and transfer to another school to play football again. After the first semester went by I realized I was stuck.

I thought I might as well just stay here and finish up my classes and get my two-year degree.

I finished all my classes and got my degree in the spring of 2018. I now had to make a decision: Which university did I want to attend next.

I decided I might as well stay in Tallahassee and go to Florida A&M to finish up my bachelor degree.

I got to FAMU lost and not knowing what I wanted to major in, but I knew I liked sports and wanted to be on TV. I felt like I was a pretty decent writer and believed that it would be easy for me.

I decided to major in journalism. One semester went by and I changed my major to public relations. Why? The reason why is because I waned to be a sports agent and I felt that public relations was the closest thing to representing someone in the sports field.

My second year at FAMU went by fairly quick and easy. It wasn’t that difficult, it was just long.

Here I am hoping these two semesters are my last so I can gradate college and never look back. I never liked college but I know a college degree on my resume looks good to employers, so I will finish.

School has always been tough and hard for me because I never liked it and never wanted to go. If it wasn’t for me getting a football scholarship I wouldn’t have attended college in the first place.

I only applied for one college in high school besides Graceland and I did that just to do it. I was not interested.

My journey is almost over and I am excited for a new one to start.