FSU is apathetic toward its community amid coronavirus

FSU Students at Saturday football game against Georgia Tech. Photo courtesy www.tallahassee.com

School is back in session and cases of COVID-19 are ripping through the Tallahassee community. It has been a month since colleges and universities in Tallahassee opened its doors with some students having on-campus classes while others engaged in online virtual learning and yet the cases have risen.

As extracurricular activities such as fall sports and homecoming have been cancelled at Florida A&M University (FAMU), our friends across the tracks have continued the usual show. From football games to tailgate parties, students at Florida State University continue to disregard COVID-19 policies and are endangering everyone in the Tallahassee community.

It was expected that COVID-19 numbers would rise as the school year went on, but fast forward to September 14 — two days after their first football game —and their cases have risen to 1,250.

FSU’s official football team twitter account, @FSUFootball, announced the total population at the football game on Saturday, September 12.

The page tweeted: “Today’s official attendance: 17,538.”

FSU Athletic Director, David Coburn, issued a statement to the Tallahassee Democrat regarding students not abiding by the guidelines at the football game.

“We were disappointed with some fans, particularly some student fans, at the Georgia Tech football game who did not comply with our policies regarding social distancing and wearing masks while in their seats,” said Coburn.

The football game was not the only place students did not practice social distancing. There were numerous tailgate parties that absolutely broke COVID-19 policies as well.

“Wuzhadnintally,” an Instagram page dedicated to keeping up with everything in Tallahassee posted a very interesting, better yet alarming video  video of an FSU tailgate party Saturday afternoon.

The caption of the video reads, “Pre-Game Tailgating before FSU game! Them [expletive] COVID numbers gone be sky high come Monday!!! Go Noles 😂😂.”

There are no masks and no social distancing whatsoever, but their smiling faces prove their students are apathetic toward those who have been affected by coronavirus and the Tallahassee community as a whole.

According to Stay Healthy FSU, a total of 14,716 tests have been conducted and the campus’ positivity rate sits at 8.49%.

If you are unaware of what a “positivity rate” means, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health defines it for those who need a deeper explanation.

According to the school, “a higher percent positive suggests higher transmission and that there are likely more people with coronavirus in the community who haven’t been tested yet.”

It is important that students at FSU obey the guidelines set in place to mitigate the spread of the disease for the safety of everyone in the Tallahassee community. The lack of disregard for others’ lives has to be stopped. But hey, a little fun will never hurt anyone right?

FSU students not only affect themselves, but those around them. There are so many places where FAMU and FSU students work together. For example, students from both schools work at local bars, shopping malls, and grocery stores together.

Students from Tallahassee Community College (TCC), FAMU, FSU share apartment homes as well. Not to mention, residents in Tallahassee come in contact with FSU students on the daily at places like dessert shops and parks. As you see, their actions affect an entire city.

It will take the whole Tallahassee community coming together to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It is time FSU students realize that.

Stay up to date with Florida State’s coronavirus dashboard at Stay Healthy FSU.