Labor Day weekend sparks COVID-19 concerns

Staying safe while also enjoying your break off from school. Photo Courtesy of Jazmine Runyon

Students are returning home for the Labor Day weekend to spend time with their loved ones. Most are taking precautions by staying away from functions with large groups of people. Some students are staying in Tallahassee for the weekend. 

As of Sept. 7, COVID-19 cases in Leon County are rising by the day with over 7,475 positive cases. There are now over 475 positive cases in Tallahassee. 

President Larry Robinson and Student Government Association President Xavier McClinton presented Labor Day weekend activities for students who are still in Tallahassee. Dr. Robinson and McClinton, a senior at Florida A&M, released a Labor Day video to notify FAMU students that there will be a bowling event on campus during the weekend. 

Dr. Robinson also announced that the community will be doing outside events for residents in Tallahassee at local parks around the city. While FAMU wants to take necessary precautions, Dr. Robinson made it clear that all students must wear their mask and social distance. 

McClinton says the meaning behind the video post is to make sure students are cognizant of the pandemic and to stay safe. Due to CDC guidelines, FAMU’s SGA aren’t able to host on campus events.

“We as a whole are trying to make sure the students are still staying safe, while also having fun,” McClinton said. 

Darrius Mercer, a senior at Florida A&M, is staying in for the weekend. Mercer says that with everything going on, he wants to stay safe. Rather than hanging out with friends, he plans on staying inside, while taking the needed precautions to remain healthy and safe. 

“If you are not worried about your safety, then I don’t think you should be doing it [activities with no precautions],” Mercer said. “Your health comes first.”

Daa’iyah Jones, a junior at Florida A&M, thinks otherwise. Jones is heading back home for the weekend, where she wants to spend time with her loved ones, while taking safety precautions. Jones believes that if she social distances when she’s home and makes sure to stay safe, she has nothing to worry about when returning back to school.

“The virus may have stopped some of you guys plans, but I will not let it stop mine,” Jones said.