Falling into the season spirit


Beyla Walker anxiously waits for Fall. Photo courtesy of Beyla Walker

Twelve days until the best season arrives and people have already stocked up on lighter fluid and wood for the many nights of snuggling around the fire making s’mores. Although COVID-19 basically took over our entire spring and summer seasons, there is a chance for us to enjoy our fall spirit.

While many are still adamant on staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic, others are out getting ready to move into the new season. Dani Azul, a 22-year-old recent graduate of Winthrop University shares her plans.

“To prepare for fall, I’m getting warmer masks that will compliment my fall fits,” said Azul. “Also, I’m beginning to plan where I can go to still make fall memories while social distancing. Coronavirus definitely requires me to be more cautious and limits my options, however, it doesn’t take away from the excitement of a new season.”

Speaking of making Fall memories, there are many activities for people to enjoy outside of the home–while wearing masks and social distancing of course. Located in Tallahassee there are several pumpkin patches to visit including Pumpkins by King and Christ Presbyterian Pumpkin Patch to name a few.

Along with outside festivities, people are planning at home budget friendly activities that bring the whole family together including gathering around the table to carve pumpkins, playing your favorite game of charades or helping grandma make her delicious apple pie.

Another great way to get ready to bring in the season is through an all time favorite hobby — shopping. Stores like Target and Walmart are beginning to stack their shelves with grapevine wreaths and leaf garlands to decorate a mantel above the fireplace.

Miss Teen International Jadyn Luberto shares how she looks forward to making her home feel more festive during this time.

“Decorating is a true passion of mine as well as my mom,” said Luberto. “We enjoy going to all the craft stores together and planning how we will decorate for the season.”

Fall would not be fall without a familiar block of wax that produces light when the central wick is lit. That’s right, candles are a must-have when making any room feel like home. A nice warm vanilla sugar or apple cinnamon candle will be sure to give you all the fall feels this upcoming season.

“As for candles I love anything that incorporates pumpkin spice,” said Luberto. In an article by Town and Country magazine, writer Olivia Hosken suggests fifteen stylish decorating ideas for fall to the reader.

“For fall, that means adding in cozy textures, rich colors, finding a perfectly crisp coffee mug, and of course, plenty of pumpkins,” Hosken wrote.

With COVID-19 abruptly putting a pause on our normal spring and summertime routines, getting ready for the fall season may feel like a total bust, however, this season may bring about some much needed joy in our lives.