Famuan sports editor lands internship with ESPN

Famuan sports editor Marissa Stubbs. Photo courtesy Marissa Stubbs

Marissa Stubbs is a 21-year-old broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M. Stubbs has been into sports since she was in high school, and when she arrived at FAMU she knew that was the direction she wanted to go in.

She serves as the sports editor for The Famuan and, of course, one of her many goals was to intern with ESPN. Stubbs has prepared herself for this journey since entering the university’s journalism program.

Throughout the program Stubbs has been a part of WANM 90.5 as a radio host where she provides live coverage of FAMU football games.

Stubbs shows dedication to the school or journalism by being part of The Famuan staff and WANM 90.5.

She’s made many connections during this journey through the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication.

“When I first met Marissa, I thought she was quiet! But nonetheless a super hard worker and committed to journalism,” Ariyon Dailey, The FAMUAN editor-in-chief, said.

 “I definitely think Marissa has been doing a great thing for not only the university, but women by stepping in and being super vocal about sports and knowing exactly what she’s talking about. I’m proud of Marissa and I want to work with her more. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do with the sports section.”

She is also a sports reporter for Sirius XM where she conducts interviews with players and coaches and writes stories for online publications.

Stubbs applied for The Undefeated Rhodens Fellowship during her sophomore year. Although she wasn’t selected the first time she continued to persevere.

The following year Stubbs dedicated her junior term to working, polishing and branding herself as a journalist.

“When I finally became a Rhoden fellow, I felt like it was all worth it. The delays, the no’s, and all of it was worth it,” Stubbs said.

Stubbs managed to finally land her spot in the fourth classof six Rhoden Fellows by writing stories, conducting and hosting interviews, talking on air, and making her presence known whenever and wherever there were sports games or events.

“She has gone to another level and flourished,” Felicia Kennedy, Stubbs’ mother, said. “I didn’t know that she was even into sports. I was ecstatic and so happy for her following her dreams.”

Stubbs even told her she will be on TV one day.

“Failure can teach the best lessons,” Stubbs said.