Monica won the Verzuz Battle

Brandy & Monica performs their hit #1 single, “The Boy Is Mine,” at the MTV Video Music Awards. Photo courtesy

The highly anticipated Verzuz battle between the legendary 90s Black “it girls” Brandy and Monica gave a clear view of who wins this alleged ongoing 25-year-old beef between the two singers. After last night’s showdown, Brandy wins a few of the battles but ultimately, Monica wins the war.

“Your music is timeless. You are timeless,” says Brandy to Monica during the Verzuz battle.

To set the record straight, #TeamMonica prevails.

The Atlanta bred Monica Denise Arnold began her career at the tender age of 12 years old. Belting out lyrics mature beyond her years, Monica’s advanced singing abilities can definitely hang with some of her older colleagues in the music industry. Many like to underestimate Monica but her true fans know how much of a powerhouse she is.

According to the credible music outlet Billboard, the infamous “The Boy Is Mine” by Monica and Brandy hails as the best #1 song ever. Together they are amazing but Monica is in a class of her own vocally and musically. Monica has a #1 album under her belt; surprisingly, Brandy does not. Monica has 1.33 billion U.S. on-demand streams. Brandy only has 919 million U.S. on-demand streams.

Monica has been relevant throughout multiple decades. She is the first artist to have a top chart single in every decade from the 1990s to the 2010s. While Brandy has been M.I.A. multiple times throughout the years leaving her fans only memories instead of actual hits.

In perspective, Brandy’s overall career in the entertainment industry is unmatched in itself. With the classic 90s/early 2000s hit TV show “Moesha” to her being the first Black Cinderella and her very own Brandy Barbie replicas, Brandy has accolades under her belt but when it comes down to specifically musical talents, Monica reigns supreme.

At the beginning of the first round, Monica flexes her southern hospitality by allowing Brandy the opportunity to start off the battle. Brandy opens up with her Grammy-nominated 2002 song, “What About Us?” from her third album “Full Moon.”

Coming out strong, Monica follows up with her Grammy-nominated & Soul Train award-winning 2010 single, “Everything To Me.” That is when we knew early on Monica is a force to reckon with and the winner of this war.

Round for round, these two soulful songstresses presented their favorite hits. Watching this battle feels like we are watching the 1996 boxing match between Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield. It had everyone tuned in.

Even the Democratic Vice President candidate and Howard University alum Kamala Harris tunes in to share her complete adoration and excitement for the battle and to encourage people to vote. Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, also tuned in to the live leaving an American flag to possibly show his support for this battle.

Twitter user @tamararenaye tweeted: “Brandy vs Monica was a moment tonight. Something I needed. I felt like I was at a concert…”

This Verzuz battle breaks the record for the highest viewed Verzuz battle in history so far. 1.2 Million viewers were locked in for the entire three hours of the live.

On Twitter, @thekaylawalker also tweeted: “Monica win. Argue witcha mama!”

The culture needs this. This Verzuz battle is an iconic moment for us millennials. It brings a certain level of nostalgia that is undeniably incredible. The energy of the 90s era is sadly different from today.

New artists are not producing these classic love songs, break up songs, etc. They’re just not. They’re giving us this mesh trap and mumble rap R&B lyricism which all of it sounds quite zombie-ish. Monica gives us timeless hits from, “Don’t Take It Personal” to “For You, I Will”, to even my personal favorite, “So Gone.” All relatable tracks that still get me in my feelings to this day.

Why do girls like me enjoy Monica? Monica seems to be more personable just by the way she carries herself & speaks. In the way she’s transparent with the way she feels, it resonates in her music. She is the homegirl. She is the “ride or die chick”. She is the “down for whatever” friend. She is the “down to earth” girl. She is the Queen of this battle.