Alumna expanding brand that began on ‘the Hill’

Caitlyn Davis on FAMU campus wearing one of her pieces from her line. Photo by Caitlyn Davis

Caitlyn Davis is a Florida A&M University alumna who became an entrepreneur during her time on “the Hill.” Several years later the Atlanta native’s business still influences students at FAMU and at around other universities.

She launched her first business in 2017 while running for Miss FAMU. Davis created an apparel company specializing in collegiate wear.

 “FAMU definitely was the foundation of my brand. Without the support and love from my beloved HBCU, I would not be where I am today,” the 24-year-old Davis said.

From there she was able to continue her growth as an influencer. She now owns three businesses which include Cait Cosmetics, Be Great Shop and By Cait The Great.

FAMU student Tyrah Smith said, “I watched Cait grow since I was a freshman. She had a vision, remained consistent, and made her own lane. She doesn’t follow trends, she sets them. That’s what made her company unique.”

Davis does not plan to stop growing her businesses. “This year I will be launching a nonprofit and a new business with my best friend that I am really excited for — so stay tuned. Also in the next 3-5 years I will have my own real estate firm,” Davis said.

She is well rounded and always ready to learn to perfect her expertise.

Davis continues to use he skills she learned early on at FAMU in her business journey.

She said, “FAMU taught me the importance of networking and letting my haters be my motivators.” During Davis’ campus days she was known for being a self-made boss by selling her apparel. She has been successful in promoting not only her brand, but enhancing the brands of other companies as well.

On campus, Davis was a representative for Impressions of Beauty, which connects women worldwide by bringing out their beauty and teaching all things self-care.

“My best advice to someone pursuing a business is to just start. People are so caught up in perfecting their business before the business starts and prolonging the launch date, which could possibly enable discouragement that might result in quitting before even starting. Just start the business and perfect it as you go,” Davis said.

As an entrepreneur, she continues to produce products that have an impact on others as soon as they meet the eye. Davis says she hopes to continue to inspire her campus, community, and others while promoting a positive movement through her brand.