They share a viral TikTok site, and more

Rattlers Bryce Moragne and Kya Cudjo. Photo courtesy Kya Cudjo

Everyday social media users see couples go viral for many different reasons: comedy, pranks, skits or dancing.

But two Rattlers have gone viral for their TikToks.

Kya Cudjo and Bryce Moragne have gone viral on TikTok for their joint account making videos showcasing their humor and their relationship.

The account has gained over 1.8 million likes, and has more than 195,000 followers.

TikTok is an app that allows users to create short, mobile videos with sound bytes, a green screen, subtitles and after-effects.

COVID-19 and social distancing rules have caused many people to flock to the app as a source of entertainment while indoors.

It happened so fast. Within two weeks, we were sitting on 10k followers,” Cudjo said.

The duo was creating content like many others on the app when Moragne picked up followers due to his good looks.”

The next day we wanted to try the flip the switch challenge that tons of couples were posting, and within that same night we were all over social media platforms,” Cudjo said.

Flip The Switch” challenge is a TikTok phenomenon where two people switch clothes in a small clip to Drakes “Nonstop.

Overnight fame isnt necessarily difficult or easy on TikTok. Its all about the algorithms.

TikToks algorithm translates to what each user likes to see on their feed. Whether that be comedy, cooking, pets and popularly dancing TikToks.

Most likely if youre a student at FAMU, youre likely to see Cudjo and Moragne.

Another trick to TikTok is properly cutting and timing the videos. The pair said it takes time to get a quality TikTok.

We had so much fun making the TikTok, we didn’t realize it took 40 attempts,” Moragne said.

Moragne also explained that despite the tedious task of making the perfect TikTok, he and Cudjo enjoy it.

Were such a goofy couple that we realized it was just natural to post how we act on TikTok and our future YouTube,” Moragne said.

The TikToks the pair have made include a scene from the movie “Obsessed,” a mash-up of MC Hammers “Cant Touch This” and comedic skits involving arguing couples.

Their passion for entertaining audiences together is undeniable.

Were so excited to show people what real love is and what it’s like to be best friends in a fun relationship,” Cudjo said.

The pair believes their viral TikToks have made their relationship stronger.

Reading all these comments and DMs of people who look up to us, and are begging us to do YouTube or saying how theyre our biggest supporters makes us feel so blessed,” Cudjo said.

The pair is still entertaining their followers with TikTok videos and they are working on their joint YouTube channel. You can follow them @bryceandkya on TikTok.