Fitness about more than working out for Smith

Personal trainer Jeremy Smith. Photo courtesy Jeremy Smith

His resilience and passionate heart have paved the way for him to fulfill self-oriented goals and impact the aspirations of others.

Jeremy Smith, a physical trainer and FAMU graduate, has helped many reach their fitness goals and perpetuate healthy habits.

Smith received his bachelor’s in health science with a concentration in physical therapy in 2017, and soon put his degree to work.

While attending FAMU, Smith joined several organizations including Boyz of Poison, where he was given the line name, Roger. Being that he was the two of his line, he soon came up with a name to intertwine his passions and hobbies, Roger2fit.

He created an online training program, Roger2fit, in February 2018 and began the ultimate life changing experience through motivating his clients with proper health courses.

Although COVID-19 has affected the growth of many businesses around the world, it has helped with the extension of Roger2fit as everything has been pushed to online.

“My job is to help people understand that you need to focus on the lifestyle you are trying to live because who you want to be and who you want to see in the mirror, is going to translate your gym habits, your eating habits and your mindset overall,” Smith said.

Smith’s inspiration started when his mother’s health became at risk while he was in his early teens. He yearns to reach out to the African American community and spread the words about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

“I do not want people to have to deal with health complications in the future that they could have prevented,” Smith said.

Hortensia Campbell, a former client of Smith’s, was frustrated with the lack of results she was seeing prior to training with him: “He cultivated such a positive environment and celebrated with me along the way through positive affirmation,” she said.

Campbell met Smith through Instagram, as she was on a search to find the right personal trainer. She has known Smith for about 18 months after finding his flyer advertising personal training on social media.

“If you have an opportunity to work with Jeremy, you are in for a treat,” Campbell said.

Ashley Carter, also a previous client, said she is forever grateful for the change of lifestyle Smith helped her achieve. “He made sure that I knew I had some type of support system. His tough exterior is for a reason but once you get to know the man behind the exterior, he is a good person,” Carter said.

Although Smith is not Carter’s trainer anymore, he continues to stay in touch with her and make sure she is staying healthy and consistent.

Campbell and Carter both described Smith as “passionate.” His consistency to stay on his clients and push them to their limits is unmatched, they said.

Smith continues to motivate people worldwide through his online training program and social media to keep his followers stimulated on a healthy journey.