Crutchfield develops a following

Joshua Crutchfield, photo courtesy Crutchfield

Joshua Crutchfield, a 23-year-old senior at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, has faced more than his share of adversity throughout his life. However, he has prevailed and is still here to tell his story.

Summer B of 2016, Crutchfield arrived on the “Highest of Seven Hills,” leaving his family behind in West Palm Beach to continue his academic journey. However, he never knew he would soon develop and acquire a gift for barbering.

Crutchfield entered FAMU as a student-athlete on the football team, and will graduate in the fall with honors including: 2018 team captain, master barber, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, 2019 North Florida Amateur Barbering Competition runner-up, and will proceed to attend North Florida Cosmetology Institute, where he will earn his official barbering license.

Growing up, Crutchfield spent most of the time with his father at the barbershop, which Crutchfield believes is the reason he wants to be a licensed barber. Crutchfield’s going away present from his father for attending FAMU was a pair of Wahl clippers, which was the catalyst for Crutchfield to cut hair.

“I worked my behind off to get to the point where I am today. I am so thankful for the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with concerning my skills and love for barbering. I am graduating next semester, with plans to enroll in barbering school in the summer. Barbering is not just my job, but it is my life,” he said.

“It is how I express myself, with every cut being a representation of where I came from, and the sacrifices I made so that I can be where I am today.”

After obtaining his official barber license, Crutchfield plans to open his own salon/barbershop and name it “Crutch Kutz.” He plans to hire barbers who have a similar background as his, spiritually, morally and ethically in order to generate an environment conducive for success.

Charles Drinks, a loyal customer of Crutchfield’s for two years, had nothing but amiable words to describe Crutchfield and his service.

“A Crutch Kut is something I schedule not just to look sharp or different for while in my suits, but the time I spend in that barber chair as Crutchfield dedicates each second toward my head allows me to appreciate the little things in life,” Drinks said. “The conversations I have with Crutch have always made me eager to come back, as we discuss real life scenarios and facilitate plans together that will broaden our mindset. Crutch has become way more than just my barber, he has become my life long friend.”

Ali, master barber at Advanced CutzNShavez located in The Centre of Tallahassee, respects Crutchfield’s work and sees a great amount of potential in him. He recognized one of Crutchfield’s crip fades on the explore page and took the initiative to help promote and mentor him.

“I respect a young brother who is dedicated and focused on his dream. Every cut is a representation of Crutchfield’s willingness to succeed. He is hungry, and is always searching for advice and opportunities to enhance his craft.”