Tik Tok has rescued many from boredom

Outside is closed but Tik Tok isn’t. Courtesy of Inc.com

Outside is closed but Tik Tok isn’t. People from all over are at home bored, stuck in quarantine due to COVID-19.  According to Tik Tok, individuals are spending 20% more time on apps. 60% of the users are between the ages of 16-24. Tik Tok is taking the lead as the most downloaded app. 

During the lockdown, I discovered how exciting and amusing Tik Tok is. Quite frankly it’s also very addicting. I found myself watching and making Tik Toks constantly just to keep myself sane while being stuck in the house. Tik Tok is a fun app and anyone who uses it will find themselves enjoying it more and more. 

People are using Tik Tok to showcase funny and relatable videos. Others are showcasing their talent as makeup gurus, dancers, and even fashion stylists. The app has many cool features such as the green screen effect that allows you to use any background for your videos as if you are really there. You can imagine yourself being anywhere and really deliver a scene. There’s also an “In the Crowd” feature that allows you to imagine yourself at a party. People improvising until the public is open again.

Kaylani lives in Washington and a stay at home order was put in place that has been extended until May. Due to her having extra time, she created a Tik Tok.

“I felt like it was a good platform to be on and get more followers,” Kaylani said.

Kaylani posted a fun video on Twitter using the green screen effect as if she was at a party and went viral. Because of the lockdown, Tik Tok has helped her tap into her creative side. Though Kaylani is having fun on Tik Tok it hasn’t filled the void of being out with her friends. 

“Nothing can really replace partying besides being on group FaceTime with your friends drinking and turning up,” Kaylani said. 

Brittany is a college study who has also joined the Tik Tok wave. She recently went viral from a Tik Tok video she posted on twitter showcasing her fashion-forward outfits. Brittany mentioned that she wasn’t using Tik Tok as a way to temporarily replace being out in public.

“I just love showing people my style,” Brittany said. “It’s just a way for me to express myself.” 

With the public being on lockdown, it’s allowing others to showcase passions that they typically can’t express because of the busy day of a “normal” life. 

“I have used Tik Tok more and the pandemic has given me more time to create looks,” Brittany said. 

Tik Tok is giving people the opportunity to work on their craft and to simply be themselves. Despite being on lockdown individuals are still able to express themselves from indoors, in the comfort of their own home. But even with all the features and all the fun nothing can truly replace being outside.