How will our society restructure following the pandemic?

The world is shut down now, but what about when it reopens? Photo courtesy of

Coming out of this pandemic, life will not be the same. The systems of education, economy, careers, and housing will all have to revamp their systems accordingly. 

Being a leasing manager at Alight West Tenn during this time has been very hard because everyone’s main concern right now is rent and or their housing agreement. A lot of our students’ jobs have been shut down due to COVID-19, with their jobs being shut down how will they pay their rent? What if you don’t receive a stimulus check?

My job has been nice enough to give an extension for April and May, but will that be enough? What are the complexes going to do when they stop getting all their money on time? When jobs start opening back up, people are still not going to have their rent money in on time because by then they will be late on other bills. 

The Education system is the one I’m most worried about because this can be a harder fix than the others. Parents have tweeted about how they really feel about homeschooling their kids.

Parents are having such a hard time because they have been out of school for a long time and because now they have to dedicate more time to their child that is home and needs academic attention. 

More importantly, the higher ed students that are attending “Zoom University” are the ones that are worried about what’s going to happen next. In the event of the COVID-19 students have been attending class via zoom for about a month now. However, many students do not like this option. 

I am a visual learner and better understand what’s going on while I’m sitting in class. Attending school on my laptop is such a distraction for me especially if the professors aren’t asking for the video to be shown. 

If the students feel like this, then student officials feel the same way. Everything happened so quick, institutions had to make sure their school and professor were equipped to make this virtual change. 

The U.S. Department of Education Secretary, Betsy Devos, delivered an additional $6.2 billion that is now available to higher education institutions to ensure learning continues. 

When the country opens back up, how do we expect things to be restricted? It’s not going to happen overnight. There has been a business that the American people thought was “essential” such as barbershops, nail salons, and hair stores just to name a few.

These businesses are dying to have their customers back because they need their money to even continue their business. I don’t believe these businesses were properly prepared for a pandemic like this.

Nobody was properly prepared for this to happen. I believe when we heard about the outbreak in China, that’s when the U.S. should’ve started preparing and getting the equipment we need. I also think as Americans we should take the “stay at home order” and social distancing more seriously.