FAMU royalty turn to Gustavus for the right look

FAMU student Skye-La Gustavus. Photo courtesy Gustavus

Beat by Skye is a makeup business started by a FAMU student when she was a freshman.

The founder, Skye-La Gustavus, is a sophomore graphic design student born in Queens, New York. At the age of 7 she and her family moved to Orlando.

Gustavus started the makeup business, Beat By Skye, in fall 2018 at FAMU.

Gustavus always had a passion for makeup. I knew I was good at doing my own makeup, so I tried to do others. I wasnt good at doing others at first, it took hard work and practice. I gradually began advancing,” Gustavus said.

Nadine Archer, a friend and customer, has witnessed the business’ growth.

“I am very proud of Skye. Thats a big initiative to take on and shes been doing it for so long since high school and shes gotten a whole lot better. She has perfected her craft so much,” Archer said.

Gustavus said she loves doing makeup because, I think it gives a confidence boost, it brings out the beautiful features we already have. Seeing other girls’ happiness after I finish doing their makeup brings me joy.”

Breyanna Willimas, the 2019-2020 Queen of Orange and Green, has become a fan.

Skye is a very professional and talented young lady. She made sure I got what I wanted and was also teaching me a little bit about makeup as she sent me along the process,” Williams said.

I named my business Beat by Skye because I think it sounds good to the ear. It actually took me no time coming up with the name. Being beat means done up flawless which is what my clients are before and especially after they leave my makeup chair,” Gustavus said.

I get my inspiration from certain makeup looks depending on what outfit Im wearing. But if Im just bored and I want to do makeup Ill have my friends send me some makeup looks theyve seen, and Ill add my own spin to it,” said Gustavus.

One of my OMG moments is when I did Kyra Freeman, the 113thMiss Florida A&M University makeup. She dm’d my page on Instagram @Beatbyskye. I was shocked because at the time I wasnt doing makeup consistently. I was so nervous to do her face. I didnt want to mess up at all. The same night I did her makeup she told me her mom loved it and she has been back a couple of times after that. I did her makeup when she was on CNN as well. I felt so honored. I love doing Kyras makeup she is the best,” Gustavus said.

You can find Gustavus on Instagram @Beatbyskye.