College students voice concerns about the stimulus package

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As a result of COVID-19 and its impact on the economy, the government has decided to release a stimulus package. However, many college students are not eligible for stimulus funds. 

Forbes recently published an article explaining the stimulus package and who is eligible for it and explained that for college students, “It depends. If someone claimed you as a dependent on their federal tax return, then, unfortunately, you will not get a stimulus check.”

This leaves out many college students whose parents claimed them as dependents, yet they still work to provide things for themselves. 

Jessica Labrador is a student at the University of South Florida, and she works in retail. She has not been able to go to work since March 19, but since she was claimed as a dependent she is not eligible for the stimulus check. 

“I feel like it’s inconsiderate considering how many other things college students have to pay for,” Labrador expressed. 

Other college students are in similar situations because the types of jobs that many college students have are considered non-essential. 

Asia Wright is a student at Hillsborough Community College, and she also works in retail. Like Labrador, Wright has not been working since about the middle of March, and she also does not qualify for the stimulus funds. 

Wright expressed that she uses the money from her job to help pay bills and is concerned about what she will do if she cannot return to work soon. The stimulus check would be a help to her during this time. 

For some, what is more upsetting is that the parents of college students will not receive the dependent payment for their child. 

According to the article published by Forbes, “If you’re ages 17-24, and someone claimed you as a dependent on their federal tax return, that person also will not get the dependent payment either.”

Wright’s mother, Vanessa Wright, expressed her concern.

“I think it’s not fair because we are still supporting them,” Vanessa Wright said.

Wright’s mother feels that the parents of college-aged dependents should at least receive the $500 payment so that they can help support their children who may be out of work now. 

Wright’s mother is currently working herself, but that may change in the future given the nature of the current situation with COVID-19. 

In regard to the stimulus package overall, Wright’s mother is not impressed. She explained that compared to other countries, like Canada, the American government is not doing enough.

She feels that the current stimulus package is meant to pacify us.

“That’s just a little slap on the wrists so that we keep our mouths shut,” said Vanessa Wright. 

The stimulus package as it is currently is leaving out many college students and their parents and people are concerned.