Student Senate votes on the upcoming leadership roles

Marcus Thomas and Shanel Brown. Photo by Marcus Thomas

Topics discussed during Monday’s Zoom meeting ranged from upcoming bills, term extensions for graduating seniors, and the budget. But this meeting was solely for the elections of the 50th Senate President and Pro-Tempore.

There were four candidates in total that went up for the leadership position, two for Senate President and two for Pro-Tempore. Marcus Thomas and Josh Clements were the two that were appointed for the Pro-Tempore position. Shanel Brown and Maurice Gilbert were the two that were appointed for the President position by the student senate. 

During the presentation, the Pro-Tempore had 10 minutes with a 5-minute open forum and the President had 12 minutes with a 5-minute forum. 

First-year business administration student Marcus Thomas currently holds the Elections & Appointments Chair for the 49th student senate. Now serving as the 50th Senate Pro-Tempore elect, Thomas explains his objectives/initiatives that he has for the 50th student senate. 

“To enhance the professionalism, decorum, and productivity in all aspects of the 50th student senate and to work to develop healthy working relationships in the senate so that we can make positive decisions for the student body and work united not only a governing body but as a family,” Thomas explains. 

The Road to the 50th Student Senate, a film by Marcus Thomas will make sure he strives for excellence with caring and by giving 110% in everything he does while being the most effective and resilient leader he can be. 

No stranger to the student senate, Shanel Brown has always been a leader. 

Brown is a second-year psychology major with a business administration minor from Tampa, FL. She currently holds the title of Internal Development and Select Committee, Chairwoman. Brown explains what the 50th Rolling Loud has in store for the student senate.

“I would like to introduce to the 50th different ways to enhance the senate’s cohesiveness with one another,” Brown stated. “I want the student body to become comfortable with lobbying with us and voicing their concerns with us a leader.”

The Brown-Thomas Administration wants to ensure student engagement. 

“Students that want to get involved can come to our senate meetings and help bridge the gap between students and elected officials so that we can work together as one.” Brown and Thomas said. 

Christopher Miller, the current Senate President, and Zoe Mitchell, Senate Pro-Tempore left the newly elected positions some words of encouragement. 

“To Shanel, keep your head high and make sure to keep a good head on your shoulders. Make sure that you are always following your rules and procedures and have fun and make as many connections in the position as you can,” Miller said.

“Marcus no matter what you make sure you have your presidents back. Being Senate President is enough pressure on its own so being that shoulder they can lean on and assisting in any way possible is imperative to the effectiveness of senate leadership,” Mitchell expressed.

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