Shipt brings groceries to your house

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Stores have now changed how they operate as a result of the coronavirus. Some stores are allowing only a certain number of shoppers in at a time.

People have stopped going to stores and are using apps on their phone that allow them to get food.

Many people have heard of Instacart, of course, but there is an app out there by the name of Shipt.

Shipt is a delivery service owned by Target. You pay an annual fee and if you spend at least $35 at Publix, Target, CVS or a number of other stores, your delivery is free.

Many students haven’t heard about the app but it’s a great invention.

I believe this app is great because going to stores is already a risk. It’s helpful and gets people to stay inside more,” said Jayla Thomas, a student at Florida A&M.

This is also convenient to students who don’t have a car and can’t make it to the store and get things they will need such as tissue or medicine.

Being here and not being able to go to the store because I’m scared of catching the virus from just taking an Uber has been terrible,” Cayla Jackson, a student at Florida State University, said.

We don’t realize how this pandemic has changed a lot of things for us.

Shipt is now available in more than 173 U.S. cities and has a network of over 40,000 personal shoppers.

This app is also beneficial because it can be a job for some students who aren’t making money right now.

Tips from shoppers can bring your average salary up to $15 plus per hour.

You just need to be 18 years of age, own a reliable vehicle, a smartphone, valid driver’s license and be able to know products customers are asking for.

Ive been looking for a quick job to apply for during this time but a lot of people have been applying to Instacart, so hearing about this app will help me.” Kayla Bryant, also a student at Florida A&M, said.

It’s also a good job for students whose businesses are closed and they just need some quick money.

You can also have a flexible schedule. Shipt allows you to log in to work at a time that best works for you.

Shipt is a helpful app during this pandemic. With us not knowing how long this will be going on, you may want to look into it.