Adams finds his niche in entrepreneurship

SBI junior Austin Adams. Photo by Christopher Williams

Austin Adams, a third-year business administration student, came to Florida A&M University to further his education. However, he has gotten his foot in the door to do a lot more. 

A native of Lake City, Adams came to FAMU knowing only a handful of people. Thanks  to his networking skills he’s been able to make a lot of friends who are interested in the same things as him. 

Last summer, when Adams came to Tallahassee, he got in contact with a young man who told him about the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market. Being the businessman he is, Adams saw the opportunity of being a FOREX trader as a chance to get a leg up on his financial situation. 

On May 19, 2019, Adams joined a group called Tradehouse Florida Investments, a group of individuals who trade in the market. 

“We have a big group chat and we talk about everything, not only trading,” Adams said. 

Due to this family vibe, he says that everyone he’s in business with is more like family than business associates. 

“I like how humble he is when he’s making business moves. He isn’t overly expressive, but he has solid results, and that makes him really dependable,” said Mikail Trigg, a class of 2019 FAMU alumna. 

Shortly after signing up with Tradehouse Florida, Adams couldn’t contain himself and had to introduce his roommate to the same opportunity. In June 2019, Chris Williams signed up and he and Adams became the “dynamic duo” of FOREX trading in Tallahassee. Although things haven’t always been smooth sailing for them with their trading careers, they have been responsible for the financial success of more than 50 others. 

According to Williams, Adams changed the trajectory of his life by putting him onto FOREX. “My favorite thing about AA (Adams) is that he strongly believes in manifestation. Being around him changed the way I think and honestly, he changed my financial situation for the better and I’m grateful for it.”

Even though Adams has only been on The Hill for a little under a year, according to dozens of people, he has changed their lives for the better. 

When he arrived at FAMU, he had hopes of graduating college and becoming a successful sports agent. This is still the plan. However, upon graduation he will have already generated an income that will allow him to live a stable life and be able to invest in multiple things so that he can generate multiple streams of income.