TikTok challenge to the rescue

Tik Tok participant Ju’Cole Grace as she puts her comedic actress skills to the test.
Submitted by A-Chai’a Jackson

Social media challenges are taking the world by storm as people around the world engage in the popular TikTok trend.

Sitting around the house these days has become the new norm as people are being advised to practice self-isolation, or self quarantine.

Although this practice is being enforced, sitting around the house alone without fun activities results to unbearable boredom.

That is where popular challenges such as one offered by the trendy TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing social networking app founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It has the undivided attention of millions to dance, lip-sync and perform comedy impersonations.

Ju’Cole Tyana-Juele Grace, a second-year biology pre-medicine student at FAMU from Jacksonville, says TikTok allowed her to tap into her inner actress.

“The best form of someone is acting naturally and being themselves ,and I channel my internal identity and the entirety of my various personalities and tune into character,” Grace said.

Deja Beasley as she show cases her fashionable Agricultural Orange & Green Afro centric wear.
Submitted by A-Chai’a Jackson

Social distancing is so significant during circumstances such as the present since it forestalls the spread of COVID-19.

“If you go on social media to see these grievances about remaining inside, yet no one wants to practice social distancing. If we practice social distancing now the quicker our lives can go back to normal,” she added.

Although TikTok is about fun and games, when all is said and done this challenge can teach a valuable lesson. Deja Beasley Williams, a first-year business administration student, reflected on what she learned.

“My biggest creativity lesson I learned from TikTok was to never doubt myself. During this quarantine episode, being alone really allows you to face your flaws,” Beasley said. “With TikTok I felt that I could capture my true identity like no one was watching, even though you gain views daily,” she said.

Devante Joseph, a Bethune-Cookman University graduate, was not a TikTok user but he most certainly finds the challenge amusing.

“In my heart I do feel that TikTok allows people to engage with each other in a positive manner. It provides entertainment while sharing and connecting with peers,” Joseph said. “It has also proven to be a positive outlet and has given people the ability to be recognized for their talents.”