Graduating seniors face uncertain economy

Photo courtesy Minneapolis Star Tribune

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has added 30 more days to being quarantined and has ordered Florida residents to stay at home, which is forcing some companies to close.

Many students have jobs to help pay for their rent, but without work it may be a challenge for them.

Apartment complexes in Tallahassee so far have not extended their days for them to be able to pay rent.

The government, however, is trying to help by extending the days bu which people can pay rent.

Many students have to rely on family members to help with money but even then some of their parents are without work right now.

Even though I work a good job I have to still work a side job just to make enough for rent,”

Daija Griffin, a student atFlorida A&M, said.

Students are picking up jobs like Uber Eats, Doordash, InstaCart and other quick work that you can sign up for through an app.

These jobs are popular because people are ordered not to leave their houses so they will need food and groceries delivered to them.

I worked for Uber Eats the other day just to make more money other than my paycheck so I can be sure to have money saved up,” Griffin said.

Kyra Newby, a graduating senior at FAMU, explains how she had to recently move back home.

Without working, paying my rent has been hard for me. After talking to my mom we both agreed that it would be best for me to move back home and save money,” Newby said.

Seniors in their last semester have been cut short, forcing them to look for jobs in their career a little earlier. But because of the coronavirus pandemic it’s hard to find a job.

Many students have taken out loans for college. They still have to pay those back after graduating, but with companies being closed and not hiring right now, how can they find a good paying job to pay them back?

This is not at all how I expected graduating college would be. I had plans to have a job in my career by now and just relax until graduation,” Newby said.

Many jobs and companies are announcing that they’re closing for good. Not only are people losing jobs but it’s even worse when companies close. This results in fewer jobs available for people.