Ways to adjust to online courses

Student typing on the computer. Photo by Deanna McClary

With traditional classes being moved online due to the coronavirus, students may find it difficult to adjust. Here are some tips to succeed online throughout the rest of the semester.

Tip one: Plan out your day

Adrianna Boyd, a freshman criminal justice major, believes when you map out a weekly plan, you will know what to do ahead of time as far as homework and research.

“When planning out your day divide everything up during the week so you know what to complete on a daily basis. Review materials in small portions so you’re not cramming everything into one day and trying to get everything done at the last minute,” Boyd said.

Tip two: Make studying a priority

Always remember that studying is like your job. Consciously choose to show up, make time to absorb the assignments given to you and keep a set schedule.

Setting goals daily and making  checklist will help you succeed in each course online, allowing you to prove that you can work efficiently and independently.

Make your online courses your priority and you will not fail.

Tip three: Eliminate distractions

“A distraction-free environment slows your thinking down and helps you feel more at ease because you’re no longer thinking about anything or anyone else,” said Tamara Moore, a math professor at Florida A&M University.

Moore gives advice based on past experience that helped a majority of her students get through online courses.

Tip Four: Take breaks

After looking at a computer screen for over an hour, your mind becomes a little numb.

It’s important to maintain regular breaks so that you avoid strain. Go for a walk, grab a snack or use the bathroom.

It’s OK to stay on track while also getting a few minutes to yourself to find that peace and relief.

Tip five: Stay healthy

Junior food science major Alaiya Holmes believes your brain can only work to its best potential if the body is well.

“Eat healthy and stay hydrated. I think as college students we have a lot going on around us that we tend to forget to eat and not drinking enough fluids,” she said. “Prepare a healthy meal or go for a jog, it actually helps you come up with the best ideas.”

Holmes gives advice based off her daily routines she conducts while maintaining online courses.

As you finish out the rest of the semester online, just remember to find that balance that will keep you pushing for greatness