Be sure to self-care while quarantined

Photo courtesy California Times

With the coronavirus pandemic getting bigger and bigger — it is being called the biggest outbreak in the world — many countries have moved to mandatoryquarantines.

Much of the U.S. has been quarantined for a month now and President Trump has added more days to being in the house.

Experts have tips for how to best survive being quarantined.

USA Today posted an article with a lot of things you can do while being stuck inside the house.

You can start a puzzle, work on some talents you have, find new hobbies, and of course take care of your health.

The way this virus has spread, being quarantined is very important, many people are catching the virus but don’t know they have been infected until days after.

Experts from the LA Times have encouraged residents to clean up their houses and get rid of old stuff they don’t need anymore.

Once everything has cleared up you can donate clothes to shelters and even have a yard sale for other items.

Make your time in the house useful; there are many things you can do even when you’re working from home.

Many universities have shut down forcing students to leave and go back home during this time, making all classes online.

Some college students shared their strategies for staying sane while quarantined.

Having to move out of the dorms early and finish my classes online has been quite a challenge,” Jada Johnson, a FAMU student, said.

Cayla Jackson, a student at Florida State, talked about her transition to online classes.

Being home from school is hard for me. In my brain i’m on vacation but I still have to log on for classes,” Jackson said.

Many students say it’s hard to focus away from school and not being in the classroom.

I’ve started working on things I need for graduation and for jobs in the future, just to get myself prepared for after this pandemic,” Johnson said.

Many say being quarantined makes a person feel isolated and limited to doing things you would usually do.

Having those things taken away from you all at once is a big life change.

After all of this is over, life still goes on and we will go back to our regular lives. Like many experts have said, think of this like a mini vacation and work on self care.