Can you tell where someone is from by their style choice?

Photo by Erika Pierre

During my time at Florida A&M University, I noticed the different style choices and how it can influence people’s presumptions on where someone is from. FAMU accepts students from all over the world. These students are bringing a piece of where they’re from to FAMU and are showing it through their outfits. 

I’m often told by my peers that they can tell I’m from South Florida by the way I dress. 

There are traditional garments that can easily showcase where someone is from. Such as kilts that are usually worn by Scottish men or a shuka, worn by people in Eastern Africa. But what about articles of clothing that aren’t as culturally direct?

I noticed that the students at FAMU that are from South Florida come to class very fashionable. Some might even come to class wearing designer brands. In my observation, Northern Floridians will typically come to class more comfortable and casual. 

During a night out in Tallahassee, I met a young lady at college night. I instantly knew she was most likely from up North by her choice of shoes. She wore wedges and told me she was from Tampa.  I also observed that students from South Florida are more open to showing skin while Northern students are more modest. 

Scott Lucas from Broward County, Florida is a stylist at COS, a contemporary fashion brand. 

“The people from here are usually flashier and want to show that they got it especially the millennials,” Scott said.  “I usually know someone is from New York. They’re more creative and outgoing with their clothing.”

Creative style is more socially acceptable in a state such as New York. New York is known for hosting fashion week each year. Living in an atmosphere that welcomes different designers and trends, it can easily influence and encourage someone to be as ingenious as they want.  

Twitter user @Kenny_burr expressed that he too can tell where someone is from by their clothing choice.

“You can tell Meg the Stallion from Texas just by her outfits,” @Kenny_burr said.

According to Teen Magazine, while speaking with i-D, Megan Thee Stallion stated “I’m from Texas and I’ve always been a big fan of booty shorts and crop tops,” Megan Thee Stallion said.  “It’s about big hoops, big hair, we got the whole cowboy and cowgirl aesthetic that everyone now wants to wear, but we all know who started it first. “

Fashion for years has been a way to express yourself in a more creative way. In that case, your choice of style can express how you’re feeling that day, your personality or even where you’re from.