Not every professor has your best interests at heart

Photo of Kasherah Reynolds. Photo courtesy Kasherah Reynolds

Why waste thousands of dollars on an education just to be discouraged and antagonized by apathetic professors who are just looking for steady income?

A professor is someone who instructs students on a wide variety of academic and career-related topics beyond the high school level. They also oversee research, publish scholarly papers and books.

Professors are one of the biggest influencers in a student’s academic career.

You can’t maintain the position of a professor and not have patience, love and passion for the subject you are teaching. It’s not fair for students to invest their money, time and future into the hands of someone who is impatient and not willing to listen to students’ concerns or assist them in getting a better understanding of the material.

“Some of y’all are not going to graduate in the semester you are enrolled in my class.”

Frustration arose from Omaria Rolle, a fourth-year animal industry student, after she and her peers were discouraged by a professor who was purposely trying to make it difficult on students and seemed as if he wanted to see them fail.

The students were trying to receive help after the entire class failed an exam.

“If you are going to be a professor then you should be the best you can be. You should want to see your students do well, you should want to hear what people have to say about you for constructive criticism without getting offended, said Rolle.

“We’re in college to learn information and put it into action once we get into our careers. If everyone is failing the class and you’re intentionally making it difficult without going in depth and helping with the information, what are you gaining from that?”

The credentials of a professor should not justify a person’s character. If you are incapable of administering students without being belligerent and unreasonable, why is this your profession?

Jasmine Moody, a third-year psychology student, expressed her worries: “Why are you teaching me when you don’t really want to teach me?”

Everyone has their good and bad days but that doesn’t account for some professors’ negative and derogatory remarks. Professors play a huge role in the future of our country and it is not for someone who is just looking for a paycheck.

Phoenix Dumas, a first year English education student, shut down in one of her math classes after being dismissed by the professor because she wasn’t understanding the math problem.

“I got sad that he yelled at me. I just feel like if you have a student that needs help you must be patient with them because I was really trying. This class is really hard, and I was one of the only people actually trying and he just yelled at me because I couldn’t figure out the problem,” Dumas said.

Moody, Rolle and Dumas were asked if they would communicate this to someone in a higher position and they all agreed they would, but they also believe nothing would change. They all felt it would be pointless.

Professors must be trained well enough to care about their students and their needs not only for the subject but for life-long lessons through their matriculation at FAMU.