Organizations prepare students for 2020 election

Representatives AL Jacquet and Byron Donalds as a debate hosted by SISTUHS, Inc. Photo by Thomeya Jackson

Actively engaging in government and society have always been important to students at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

As the 2020 election quickly approaches, student organizations with principles of civic engagement serve a vital role in students earnestly participating in politics.

Some campus organizations allow involvement with politics to extend beyond the ballot box.

The FAMU College Democrats is a political organization that engages students in democracy. In 2018 the organization was re-chartered and has pushed its agenda of political awareness better than ever before.

The group hosts events year-round to empower students with political information.

From registering students to vote, to forums with political candidates the FAMU College Democrats presents students with important political issues. The organizations goal is to promote political awareness.

Recently this goal has extended beyond the campus as the group helped registered Tallahassee residents to vote.

Our main goal right now is voter engagement and registration. The entire semester we are making it our aim to register as many students as possible before the primaries. We have also hosted a debate watch party and a movie night where we showed Selma,” said Taylor Hall, political science student and president of FAMU College Democrats.

The organization is committed to keeping students politically aware even during non election seasons. FAMU College Democrats is heavily involved in local, state and national elections.

The group is open to all students, even those with different political views and backgrounds.

I believe we prepare students not only through our events, but also through our everyday engagement. As were sitting in our classes, or walking across the set, we make sure to bring up the current state of America in our everyday lives,” Hall said.

SISTUHS, Inc., is another campus organization aiming to engage students in democracy. The organization wants to have an informed student body for the 2020 election.

(We want) to actively involve students in politics and the election, we host events that open up conversation about the political climate,” said SISTUHS, Inc., political action chair Crichanni Watson.

The organization recently hosted a debate night with Representatives AL Jacquet and Byron Donalds. Representatives and students on the panel spoke passionately about their concerns. The event geared engagement for students on the heels of the primaries.

Campus groups can make a difference in the way students use their voices to be heard. Living so close to the Capitol makes it easier to establish the connection between students and politicians.

The foundation of democracy is about the people and their needs. Exercising this fundamental right as a college student can create knowledgeable and enlightened future voters.

This is an Initiative that SISTUHS, Inc., hopes to promote through political action.

The organization is devoted to meeting the needs of freshmen on campus who need transportation to the polls during the election.

Campus organizations capturing the gravity of democratic citizenship can leave a lasting impact on students that goes beyond Election Day.

The Preference Primary Election will be held March 17. While the primary will begin August 18, early voting for Leon County starts August 8 and ends on the 16.