Bible study with extra cheese

Students gather at Gaines Street Pies on Mondays for a Bible study session. Photo by Annija Sterling

Gaines Street Pies is mostly known for its huge pizzas, being close to campus, and its bar.  When walking in, you can tell that you’re in a college town with comic book drawings on the wall. However, it is not just your average pizza joint. On Monday nights a few students and Tallahassee residents gather there to express their love and affection for the word, to grow more like Jesus and to reach people with the Gospel.  

Jacob Bauldree, an architecture student at Florida A&M University and small group leader, said, “Each church I have been to has grown on me through maturity and has been very encouraging in my walk with Christ. As Christians we are called to spread the gospel and so, one of our main goals is equipping students in our group to do that just on FAMU’s campus.”

Bauldree started leading Bible study because he saw a need to have a group specifically for his campus, where students can grow together in community with other Christians. Since he started leading this Bible study, he hasn’t looked back.

Students have been showing love and intensity for these nights. Every week, the scripture is followed along with the same sermon series that is preached on Sunday mornings at City Church Tallahassee, by discussing the content of the passage and its importance. Then, time is spent encouraging each other to apply the teachings in their daily lives.

Mariela Gil Rosario, a senior at Florida State and a church attendee, said, “I first came to a city group after being invited by a friend from work during the summer of 2019. I just recently got back on my walk with God after a few years and going back to church was a bit scary, especially being that it was a new church for me and I didn’t know anyone.

“At first, I went to an all ladies worship group which allowed me to get to know some of the ladies. They encouraged me to ask any questions I have and eventually I quickly opened up. So far it has been an amazing experience to relearn some things about the Bible, about God and Christianity,” Rosario added.

This is nothing new to the Bible study  members who attend City Church Tallahassee. The purpose of the Monday meetings is to reach the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ and help each other understand how the Bible impacts their lives.

Many in this group also attend Tuesday night sessions at City Church Tallahassee, located at 3215 Sessions Road, which is geared to college students.

Students from the three Tallahassee campuses gather for an evening of music, teaching and connecting.