Review: No reason to go to Island Wing Co.

Photo by Chris Starnes

Do you ever get tired of eating the same food? Are your taste buds changing? Willing to take your taste buds on a new adventure?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the restaurant Island Wing Company is not the place for you. Island Wing offers tacos, wings, burgers, shrimp, sandwiches and a bit more on its menu. The same kind of food you can probably find anywhere else, but the catch is that their food is pretty overpriced.

Island Wing is located on North Market Plaza off Timberlane Road just north of I-10. It is allegedly island-inspired and it is without question a family friendly sports bar.

According to its menu, Island Wing “takes pride” in serving their food that is always baked and never fried. “It all started with a simple idea: keep the taste but ditch the grease,” its menu reads. “… Get ready to take a trip to a place where everything is baked — not fried.”

With “wing” being in the name and one of the most popular items in the “game,” we decided to give the tossed wings a try. We ordered the vegetarian style wings and the regular baked wings as well.

7 overcooked nuggets shares the plate with the sauces that were supposed to be coated on the nuggets. Photo by Chris Starnes

My wings were a bit overcooked and they weren’t “tossed in sauce.” On top of that, my vegetarian wings were very dry.   Instead of tossing my sauce as promised. Instead, they decided to present small little containers of sauce and I found out later that night that each small container of sauce cost 70 cents.

Not only were my wings lacking when it came to taste and flavor, but they weren’t visually appealing either. It looked like something I could’ve made myself or asked a kindergartner to prepare.

My wings weren’t the only dry and crunchy item on my plate. Their so-called seasoned fries were bland and too hard for me to eat. I sent them back for fresher fries and let’s just say even after the second plate, well, I still couldn’t eat them.

Maybe they’re better off frying their foods after all because baking is clearly something they aren’t good at or have yet to master.

To quench my thirst, I ordered a margarita. “Salt around the rim please,” as I told the waiter. The waiter comes back with an empty cup with the contents surrounding the rim and then another cup filled with only the margarita. So, essentially, I had to make the drink myself. Even though it was, “Happy Margarita Day,” there was absolutely nothing happy about the margaritas.

The staff was friendly, and the restaurant was busy. Maybe if the restaurant had less people, staff would’ve been more attentive, and the food might have come out better.

My taste buds didn’t get the chance to go on an adventure. I don’t think I’ll be going back.