The Rattler Athletic Fund is purely philanthropic

Photo Courtesy of FAMU

Earlier this month Florida A&M University launched the Rattler Athletic Fund, a program created to give Rattlers an opportunity to donate directly to areas that will impact our student athletes.

Though the Rattler Athletic Fund is similar to the Investing in Champions program, the two programs will coexist. Deputy Director of Athletics, Keith McCluney, says that the main difference between the Rattler Athletic Fund and Investing in Champions program, is that Investing in Champions is a ticket purchase program only.

“The rattler athletic fund is purely philanthropic,” said McCluney. “If you want to give back to athletics above and beyond your ticket purchase, which really moves the needle, then you can give through the Rattler Athletic Fund.”

Associate Athletic Director, Ron Reaves, added to McCluney statements further differentiating the incentives of the two programs.

“The Rattler Athletic Fund incentives are geared toward the impact of the student-athletes as you become a part of the long-term success of their careers,” said Reaves. “The Investing in Champions program is geared towards the people who want experiences as a fan and supporter of the program including parking and exclusive opportunities.”

Another key difference between the Rattler Athletic Fund and Investing in Champions, is the taxable benefits that can come from donating to the fund.

“The donations made to the RAF are tax deductible, as we ask you to consult with your financial advisor on options with that,” said Reaves.

FAMU’s Athletic Director, Kortne Gosha, explained how the Rattler Athletic Fund will help the university fix some critical issues including what Gosha calls AD’s excellence.

“As an athletic director my job is to recruit top talent, so that comes from coaches like coach Simmons, strength coaches, athletic trainers, academic personnel, and compliance personnel to keep us out of the situation we were in this year,” said Gosha.

McCluney and the athletic staff are hoping to change the narrative and take FAMU athletics to the next level.

“We anticipate being able to attract a whole new group of people who want to give to FAMU, but may not want to buy season tickets,” said McCluney. “We are targeting those individuals who have a love for FAMU, who have a love for athletics, and who want to see us get to the next level.”

The Rattler Athletic Fund will be the only fundraising source for the FAMU Athletic department. For more information on the Rattler Athletic Fund visit