Michael Vick visits FAMU

Michael Vick interacting with the crowd during SGA’s leadership series.
Photo by Calvin Robbins Jr

Florida A&M University students filled the Grand Ballroom to hear NFL legend Michael Vick speak as a part of the Student Government Association’s (SGA) leadership Series. Vick was reportedly paid $3,000 by SGA for his appearance. 

Vick requested a Q&A style event in hopes of connecting with the audience in a more intimate and natural way. This helped Vick touch on a plethora of topics ranging from funny subjects like the madden curse and more serious topics such as the importance of humility. Vick says that showing humility and humbleness can go a long way.

“Humility is very important. A lot of things are going to come to you in life and you can either be humble about it or arrogant,” said Vick. “Taking the humble approach makes people respect you more and appreciate you more.” 

The Fox Sports analysist spoke on some of the poor decisions he made when he was younger and how he wishes he had listened to the positive role models in his life who tried to steer him in the right direction.

“Not listening to my mom at times when she knew things were going on in my life was the worst decision. She tried to help me and give me advice, but as a growing young man my response would be, I got it I’m alright,” Vick said.

Vick gave more advice to Rattlers while keying in on the infamous dog fighting incident that put his career on hold. Vick said that he was not looking out for himself as he should have been.

“I felt too much responsibility to others when I was supposed to be responsible for myself and the people that care about me,” said Vick.

The story of Vick’s immaculate return to stardom gave members of the crowd inspiration. FAMU defensive lineman, Isaac Addison, says that the lessons from Vick’s life experiences can be used by anybody aspiring to be great.

“Vick’s comeback when everybody counted him out was an amazing thing to watch and experience,” said Addison. “It shows that if you want something you just have continuously work hard until you achieve your goal.”

FAMU graduate, Keiana Ates, says that we all can achieve the level of greatness Vick has if we are able to know ourselves.

“The earlier you know yourself, the easier it will be to make better decisions and to live a better life,” said Ates. “There is a Vick and everyone, but they must know that Vick lies within them. The sooner you identify your Vick the sooner you can become a legend.”