Biology student by day, DJ by night

Gensen Surpris “DJ Zoe Crazy” representing his brand. Photo by Gensen Surpris

Gensen Surpris, also known as DJ Zoe Crazy, has found the perfect balance between his academic endeavors and his passion.

Surpris, 20, is a proud Atlanta native. He was born in Florida but raised as an only child by his parents in Atlanta.

“Atlanta was a good place for my parents to raise a child and make good money. I saw Atlanta as the Black mecca; it has influence culture. There’s a saying that Atlanta influences everything,” Surpris (pronounced Sur-preece) said.

Before Surpris began DJing, football was the focal point of his life. He had dreams of playing in college and one day in the NFL. That was until he tore his ACL twice.

“I played a lot of football, both youth and high school. I tore both of my ACLs on two separate occasions. After the second occasion, I felt a big change in my body. Playing football became more of a task rather than a pleasure,” Surpris said.

After multiple injuries ended Surpris’ passion for football, he found happiness as he began to transition into DJing.

“My sophomore year of high school I DJed my school’s talent show. It was nothing compared to what I am doing now. They put me on stage, I had a laptop, and I played songs off of YouTube. It was the highlight of my life for the next couple of months. Everyone was having a good time. I felt like I made an impact,” Surpris said.

Surpris is a sophomore biology pre-med student at Florida A&M University. He is also a DJ on WANM 90.5, a caregiver for patients with Alzheimer’s, and an executive board member for FAMU Physicians in Training. Outside of Tallahassee, he is a member of Off the Wall DJs.

“My dream school was the University of Miami. I got accepted but it did not work out. I toured FAMU and I felt inspired, a feeling I did not get at other schools. I would not want to be anywhere else. I am 100 percent sure I am in the right place,” Surpris said.

Surpris’ parents have always been supportive of their son. During his freshman year at FAMU Surpris’ faith and determination reached new heights when his mother passed away from cancer last February.

Gensen Surpris “DJ Zoe Crazy” live in action at The Mercedes Benz Dome in Atlanta. Photo by Gensen Surpris

“When my mom passed it pushed me to commit and go harder. I channeled negative energy and it gave me motivation. When my mom was fighting cancer, she always taught me you have to be determined to overcome. Your circumstances don’t define you,” Surpris said.

Surpris’ passions surpass DJing and medicine. He loves serving others. He has been a mentor to other DJs. Williams Coracelin, better known as DJ HD305, is one of them.

“DJ Zoe Crazy is like a brother to me. He invited me to the radio station (WANM) to let me shadow him and even DJ a couple of his shows. Now I am officially staffed at the station. He has impacted my decision to continue DJing,” Coracelin said.

Productivity is shown in all aspects of Surpris’ life. To Tyra Jones, Surpris is the ideal study partner.

“Gensen is an extremely determined person and student. He is the true definition of being a man of his word. Everything he does is approached with a positive demeanor and he gives full effort through his passions,” Jones said.

Having personal fulfillment and balance is essential to Surpris. He captures the two in all aspects of his life.

“My mom always taught me to be a leader and be determined to overcome. I am big on my faith, so I don’t worry much, I just go harder,” Surpris said.

You can find DJ Zoe Crazy on Instagram and Twitter @djzoecrazy