Romagne Burton’s YouTube channel keeps growing

Romagne Burton poses on the desert sands of Dubai. Photo courtesy of Romagne Burton

Some college students struggle finding a sense of direction in school. For Romagne Burton, her plan was to combine her love for travel and sports in her major of pre-physical therapy.

She would be able to earn her degree from Florida A&M University and then travel with major sports teams in the NBA and NFL. She found her passion for more than that while in college.

Burton, 21, was born and raised in Cleveland with her mother and two younger siblings. She grew up in a strict household that kept her from staying out all night and helping take care for her brother and sister. At a young age, she had to do a lot that taught her hard work and responsibility quickly.

When it comes to passing a hard class or trying new things, Burton has the determination to get it done.

Kieori Gethers is a friend of Burton’s and a psychology major at Howard University. She has seen Burton strive through her struggles and grow while in college.

“It feels good to see her do new things,” Gethers said. “Whenever she has her mind set on something, she is aiming to reach her goals. She is continuously growing.”

As a freshman in college, Burton started a YouTube channel and asked some of her peers questions about their lifestyle at an HBCU. She wanted to connect with people in a free space from somewhere she can gain information and feedback. Her major doesn’t allow her time to explore other classes besides science. Burton took matters into her own hands.

“If I don’t experience with my life now,” Burton said, “I might not be able to when I get a little older.”

It didn’t take long for Burton to record another video for her channel that showed the highlights of her college life. Her views started to grow into the thousands and she bought a new camera to enhance her video quality. She even took an internship outside of her major with the FAMU Athletic Department’s Office of Sports Information working in video production.

Her daring and all-around attitude is infectious to the people around her. Childhood friend Tydre Cooper has been open to learn and try new things he was uncomfortable with during their friendship. She has taught him about the power and energy of crystals. They continue to keep close contact although they live busy lives miles apart.

“She is very versatile and unapologetic about it,” Cooper said. “She helped take me to a headspace to try new things I’m not used to doing. And is not someone who cares about everybody opinions.”

Her love for playing volleyball, running track, cross country and other sports in high school led her to choose her major of pre-physical therapy. Yet, her willingness to try new things got her new skills in video and a YouTube channel to start her brand. She plans to graduate in her major and continue to use her new passion to connect with people in an open space.

“There are already a million girls doing YouTube. That was my thing… I didn’t want to be the same as somebody else,” Burton said. “But I feel like you being you, makes that different already.”