Ericka Johnson helps Rattlers right and left

Photo courtesy Erika Johnson

Erika Johnson has been giving back to the campus at Florida A&M by doing helpful giveaways and hosting events for students to get involved.

The first giveaway she did was for three weeks. Students had to go around campus and find Johnson but get creative with it. Some made videos and some posted pictures with her with engaging captions.

So far the third-year student has given away a $100 book voucher, $150 in groceries and a pair of air pods. The groceries contest was so intense that Johnson had to choose three winners.

“The inspiration for my giveaways derive from my interactions and relationships with students here at FAMU. As a Resident Assistant, I am familiar with many circumstances our students endure while being away from home,” Johnson said.

She recently had a giveaway for a HP Chromebook. Students had to write a 500-word essay about how their academics have assisted them in reaching their goals.

Azaria Austin, a second-year business administration student and friend of Johnson’s, described Johnson as helpful to anyone and everyone.

“I have known Erika for a year now. As a friend she always tries to find a way to help me. She’s also selfless and kind,” Austin said.

Photo courtesy Erika Johnson

Johnson said this is just the way she’s wired.

“My personal aspiration is to live everyday selflessly. The giveaways presented me an opportunity to not only provide resources for academic success and student wellness, but to demonstrate the act of compassion,” Johnson said.

Ryanne Taylor, a third-year business administration student, is a friend of Johnson’s who talked highly of her.

“Erika is the most caring person I know. She is always looking to help and brighten someone else’s day. As a person she’s someone people like to be around because she’s always had positive energy,” Taylor said.

Students have been participating in many of these giveaways and have shown their appreciation for it.

Yennifer Castillo, a biology education major, was one of the winners for the $150 in groceries event.

“The groceries were very helpful because I was in between paychecks and that was the one that I didn’t get paid so that helped a lot,” Castillo said.

Be on the lookout for more giveaways and events hosted by Johnson as she continues to help FAMU students.