Student Senate holds first meeting of February

FAMU Student Government Symbol
photo courtesy WTXLTallahassee

Florida A&M University’s Student Senate met this Monday to discuss new events set for this month, allocation of certain funds for organizations that faced traction, and the coronation of new members. 

Kayla Braggs, the 49th Senate Student Relations community chairwoman, announced “Black-Out Week,” a week commemorating Black History Month from the 23rd to the 28th. The event will feature the game Black Jeopardy, a movie screening of the film ‘The Hate U Give’ among other things to look forward too. Graphics for the event and updates will be released by SGA accordingly. 

An election watch party is in development under Marcus Thomas, acting chairman for the legislative appointment committee, who says while the event hasn’t been finalized, it is working through a few minor details before confirmation occurs.

Thomas says the event will take place on Feb. 25 from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. at the Student Senate Chambers and the Set with the location subject to change. The theme of the watch party will be “20/20 vision”. DJ LooseKid also will be handling the music for the event with shirts and hats preparing to be ordered.

An opportunity to obtain your passport for students who aspire to study abroad is near. SGA will be holding two seminars, with only one being required to qualify you for the opportunity, as there are only 50 available passports. First come first serve basis.

The dates for the two seminars will take place in Feb. 10th and 20th. Feb. 25th is when the information for the passports will be obtained. The location is yet to be announced. 

Student Government President Rochard Moricette offered updates on the Executive Branch. 

A branch head tour is also set to take place on the current projects going on around FAMU’s campus. It will serve the purpose of making sure SGA leadership is aware and knowledgeable about the construction taking place on campus. 

“You guys are well aware, if you have that SGA seal on, students think you know everything about the university…we want everyone to be on the same page,” said President Moricette.

Some of the new additions to FAMU, if you aren’t already aware, are the construction of the new amphitheater set to be open August 2020 and the upperclassmen housing facility, unofficially known as ‘FAMU Towers’, seeing a debut of sometime in the fall of 2020. 

President Moricette appointed new members. Christopher Allen as Secretary of Academic Affairs, Peyton Williams as Traffic Court Justice, and Jonathan McCloud as Solicitor General. 

The athletics department will be hosting ‘SGA Appreciation’ at the FAMU basketball game as our Rattlers take on Howard this Saturday starting with our women’s game at 4 p.m. Members of their respective branches will be featured at the game wearing SGA designed t-shirts.

Two referendums occurred, that passed, allowing for the allocation of funds to two separate organizations, The FAMU Strikers and the American Society of Biological Engineers (ASBE) for traveling events. Roughly $15,000 was allocated to those organizations after the floor deliberated for more than 45 minutes on both bills.

With mandatory training set to take place next Monday, SGA will not be holding a student senate meeting next Monday. 


Editor’s note: This story was updated to remove information that cannot be disclosed at this time on Thursday Feb. 6.