Career Expo draws a crowd

The Lawson Center was the place to be Wednesday. Photo by Paulette Jordan

FAMU students packed the Lawson Center on Wednesday for the highly anticipated Career Expo.

Students came to exchange their contact information and resumes while looking for job opportunities with the employers in attendance. Employers were also giving out information about their company and handing out business cards.

There were companies such as Apex System, Geico, Eco Lab, Rockwell Automation, US Army Healthcare and Walmart. Some surprising ones were Amazon, and Kohl’s.

There were two tables at the front entrance; one for volunteer check-in and one for student check-in. The tables had orange and green tablecloths next to giant posters that were for the career center. The atmosphere was very calm and soothing but also formal.

On the Lawson Center floor there were orange and green balloons, along with tables where employers and businesses had their company’s sign with business cards on the table. Employers were also greeting and introducing themselves to students. Many of the students who participated and volunteered were required to dress in business attire – especially SBI students.

Many of the students participating were hoping to find either an internship or a full-time job opportunity. At noon volunteers and employers were provided lunch.

“My goal is to achieve more insight on companies I’m interested in information to get a full-time offer,” said Princess Escarient, a senior accounting major.

Shaniece Simpkins, a senior business administration major, had done her homework before coming to the expo.

“I hope to see what opportunities are available, to see what companies I researched, and to even see opportunities of ones I may not have done research on,” she said.

Many of the students at the Career Expo were from SBI, but criminal justice and healthcare management majors attended as well. Students in the School of Business and Industry were especially encouraged to attend.

“I came here last year and got many internship opportunities. I wanted to see how successful I would be again,” said Stephanie Peters, a junior SBI student. “The energy is what excites me the most about this event. There’s always so much energy and excitement. You have people who are looking for jobs and those who want to give them a chance. The energy is so attractive.”

Vynessah Dasher, a political science major, was there to scout out opportunities. “I love how it gives students the opportunity to embark on their career path,” she said. “It’s good that the school is opening students to various career opportunities.”