Green Team has a mission

Photo courtesy Efferson Student Union & Activities

Clean up, clean up, everyone cleans up.

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) has formed a Green Team dedicated to keeping Florida A&M’s campus nice and clean. The Green Team has been around since 2016, and was created by the former director of OSA to help clean up after Set Friday and allow students to earn volunteer hours.

Audri L. Salter, a graduate assistant at Efferson Student Union and OSA, Student Activities, said the Green Team has made an impact campus.

“The Green Team was created to give students a consistent means of earning volunteer hours and more importantly help the members of POM keep the campus clean. Although the members of the Green Team are not set in stone, the students who come out have continually helped clean the Set,” she said.

The Green Team is comprised of student volunteers. The group fluctuates every week. Even though semester is four weeks old, students can still become a member of the team. Anyone can be a member, and all students are encouraged to participate.

Makia Freeman, an environmental science student from Dallas, explained the importance of keeping the campus and environment clean.

” I never heard about the OSA Green Team, but as an environmental science student, I am happy to hear students are taking the initiative to clean up after Set Fridays. I don’t often go to the Set, but when I do, I stay after to throw away flyers, cups and paper that are left behind by students and locals in the community. It is quite sad that people come to campus and leave their trash behind. I was raised to clean up after myself at home and in public,” she said.

Because the Green Team is a volunteer organization, its members don’t necessarily have “duties” like with other student organizations. However, the main goal of the participants is to clear the Set of debris and trash on Fridays.

When cleaning up, students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes.

Felecia Barnes, coordinator of student organizations, said students benefit from being part of the Green Team.

“The Green Team is a convenient way to earn volunteer hours because it takes place on campus, and it happens weekly. Moving forward you can expect the Green Ream to continue to clean up the Set following every Set Friday and to venture out into the community,” she said.

If you are interested in being part of OSA’s Green Team, you can find more information about it in your FAMU email. Volunteers are needed for the Green Team clean up every Friday at 3 p.m.