TCC pays tribute to Everett, 12 others

Nicole Everett is one of 13 local men and women featured in this year’s African American History Month calendar. Photo courtesy Everett

Nicole Everett believes in giving back to her community.

An alumna of FAMU, Everett volunteers with several organizations in the Tallahassee area including Big Bend Habitat for Humanity, Black History Month Festival and City of Tallahassee Code Enforcement.

Everett is a firm believer of supporting local individuals and organizations and is working toward becoming a major philanthropist with hopes of funding affordable housing, children’s initiatives and the arts.

“I give back because I have witnessed a lot of companies lose business due to financial issues. These businesses were important in our community and being able to support them would be a help to our community,” said Everett.

Outside of her service, Everett produces video content for her notable talk show, “Conversations With Nicole” (CWN). CWN is a weekly video blog that was launched in 2016 with the help of her friend and CWN producer, Gerald Tookes.

CWN features a variety of guest sharing information about initiatives and projects important to them. CWN seeks to connect the Tallahassee community through meaningful conversations with host, Everett.

On Monday evening, Everett was one of 13 individuals who were honored at Tallahassee Community College as TCC presented its 20th annual Cherry Hall Alexander African History Calendar.

The 2020 calendar, “A Vote of Confidence,” featured residents who have exhibited leadership in any sector of the Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson and Gadsden County communities. Featured residents were notable in their communities, government, education, law, religious sector, etc.

The event was held at 6:30 p.m. inside the Turner Auditorium on TCC’s main campus.

The calendar was named in honor of Cherry Hall Alexander, former director of Library Services at TCC and the inaugural chair of the African-American History Planning Committee.

Alexander introduced TCC’s African American History Calendar in 2001 and was renamed in 2009 honoring her retirement. The calendar was intended to serve as an educational tool for the youth of the community, involving them in the history of local African American leaders.

Everett is featured in the July section of the calendar.
Tallahassee resident Tyeise Candidate said, “Our community can be bigger and better with the help of individuals like Nicole Everett. When we give back to our community, it uplifts and inspires others to do so as well. I would love to see our community thrive one day and I believe Nicole will be the one to change our community.”

Everett believes everyone can make a difference.

“People inspire me. We all have gifts and talents that we sometimes down play and I hope my platform serves and a means for people to showcase their gifts and talents,” said Everett.

Everett added, “I really want to support the African American Caribbean Dance Theatre (ACDT). They are a nonprofit youth and adult cultural education organization in Tallahassee.”

ACDT’s mission is to provide participants a program that ensures a high level of self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence, discipline, community and cultural pride through African dance and drumming traditions.

A former participant at ACDT, Atavia Bowman said, “I love what we do. Our supporters keep us going and when we can share our culture in our community, it’s a great feeling. I hope that in the months to come we gain more support so that we can continue to serve our community.”

To learn more about Nicole Everett, visit her online at