Break a Sweat: ZIPSWEAT Fitness Program offering free training to student residents

Trainer Rudy Ferguson along with residents after a productive training session. Photo courtesy of ZIPSWEAT

ZIPSWEAT Fitness program has recently signed yearly contracts with five local student apartment complexes. Multiple training services are offered and are free of charge to all residents.

In 2015 the fitness program was put together by Joe Morris, a certified personal trainer. He currently serves five locations here in Tallahassee, all of which are student apartments.

Morris’ goal is to coach students to be committed to finding their inner strength to achieve their own personal fitness goals.

“I want to help my clients with their mind, body, and soul goals while using the fitness arena,” said Morris.

Student residents gather three times a week at their community gym to train with Morris. They enjoy the energy he brings and his efforts to push them to their limits. The training sessions include cardio, weight lifting, building stamina, yoga and more.

Morris has two partners, Rudy Ferguson and David White, who assist with yoga training.
The program continues to grow as it builds more exposure

“I had gotten good feedback from other property managers saying that it was bringing residents,” said Alvin Brown, property manager of TennStreet student apartments.

“I felt like we should bring this to our community, so we gave it a shot,” said Brown.

With school, jobs, and extracurricular activities, students get caught up with other focuses that they may miss out on getting the workout the body naturally needs. ZIPSWEAT offers them the opportunity to get some productive training.

Some student residents have seen major changes in their body with joining the program said Micah Walker a current trainee.

“When I go to the gym by myself I am lazy and don’t really push myself, so coming to ZIPSWEAT training has actually been really effective,” said Walker.

Morris and his team are glad to be able to bring something constructive to the young adults.

“Our experience has been awesome, being able to inspire young people to stay healthy is our biggest goal,” Morris said. “They are excited for what the future brings to these students.”

The program also extends the services to one on one training sessions that can accommodate any specific workout needs.

Students who do not live in the five locations that offer the training are also welcome to join the program. If you would like to learn more about ZIPSWEAT fitness program you can visit or Instagram @zipsweat.