Ways to de-stress after a long week

Students discuss their week. Photo by Deanna Mcclary

It’s the third week of the semester and you find yourself getting stressed. Here are some tips to de-stress after a long week. 

Tip one: Relax and Meditate 

Kianna Necy, a freshman biology pre-med major believes meditation can give off different energy.

“The main benefit of meditating is you getting the time to be still and mindful to the most important person-yourself. Do this every day and your day will start off on a clear and positive note,” said Necy.

Necy gives advice based on past experiences that helped her get through rough times.

Tip two: Make time to exercise 

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s Recreation Center offers a variety of resources that you could use to relieve some stress after a long week. 

Exercising gives you the opportunity to be yourself and sometimes with others you want to spend time with all while helping your body to get fit.

Health comes first and as college students, we need to be aware of self-care.

Tip three: Give yourself a break 

“I’ve learned as a college student that we tend to not take breaks because, between classes and organizations, there’s always something to be done or a deadline for something,” said Jacoby Roberts, a junior criminal justice major.

Jacoby If we take the time to relax and give our brains a break, that will reduce some stress and help bounce back from a long week.”

Tip four: Disconnect from electronics 

Turn off your electronics, put them away for a couple of hours and find activities or clubs that will help you grow as a person.

Senior psychology major, Rebecca Hall, believes disconnecting will not only help de-stress but help you evolve as an individual.

“As college students, we’re so attached to our electronics and can never put them away because we think we’re going to miss something. If we take some time out of our day to put our electronics down for a couple of hours and learn about ourselves, we would evolve,” said Hall.

Disconnecting from electronics encourages you to spend time on what really matters: people, experiences and well-being. 

Tip five: Visualize 

A short visualization can be the quickest path to getting centered. Get comfortable somewhere quiet and imagine the person, place or thing that makes you happy.

Everything that can cause stress is only preparing you for the future you deserve.