Student Legal Services holds grand opening

Student Legal Services holds its grand opening Wednesday in the Grand Ballroom. Photo by Deanna McClary

Florida A&M held a grand opening Wednesday for its Student Legal Services.

Student Legal Services educates and assists students with legal issues, aiming to resolve or minimize existing legal problems and provide students with easy access to legal information, advice, appropriate referrals and representation. And it’s all at no cost to students.

Over 30 people were in attendance in the Grand Ballroom to learn about the benefits of Student Legal Services.

The grand opening was put together by the leaders of Student Legal Services with the support of FAMU’s Student Government Association, which said it was important for everyone to come out and learn how Student Legal Services can assist with personal issues.

Patricia Beamon, coordinator of Student Legal Services, explained how Student Legal Services is going to be beneficial to FAMU students.

“This is going to be beneficial to students because should the need arise for them to get legal advice they won’t have to stress their parents or themselves out — they can come and see us,” she said. “Sometimes you run into issues that you don’t foresee and when you do, you can come see us and we’ll try to relieve some stresses that college students have.”

The main purpose of FAMU Student Legal Services is to encourage students to seek the advice of an attorney when they encounter or anticipate legal difficulties. The program will provide opportunities, such as free consultations, representation from local attorneys and help with landlord-tenant issues.

Junior pre-occupational therapy student Jatia Littles believes it was important for FAMU students to attend the grand opening.

“It was important for the students to come out because a lot of students are going through problems and need help getting through these situations. The grand opening helps you realize that you have help on campus and you don’t have to go outside of campus to seek help from others that may cost a lot of money,” Littles said.

To receive the program’s benefits, students will have to apply online, sign off on the application agreement, and get approval from Beamon. The program accepts issues including criminal cases, traffic violations and immigrations.

Junior pre-pharmacy student Kaelin Randle shared her testimony of Student Legal Services assisting her in a horrific time.

“I just want to thank Legal Services for helping me with my legal situation. During the spring semester, I had a stalker who tried to break into my apartment. They helped with getting information on restraining orders and directed me to individuals to help with my case,” Randle said.