DJ Demp puts spotlight on bullying

DJ Demp at Saturday’s anti-bullying rally. Photo by Kasherah Reynolds.

DJ Demp hosted an anti-bullying rally to bring awareness to bullying in the Tallahassee community.  

Demp, a graduate of Leon High School, is a celebrity disc jockey and member of Ghost Town DJs, a hip-hop group based in Atlanta.

During the 23rd Annual Demp Week, Demp celebrated his birthday with his “mayor proclaimed” week filled of events and prize giveaways. The weeklong celebration began on Monday and concludes on Sunday.

For Saturday’s anti-bullying rally at The Moon, Demp brought the community together for an inspirational affair, consisting of motivational speakers, youth performances and special guest stars.

Brooklyn Queen wowed the crowd performing her hit singles “Emoji” and “Keke Taught Me.” The Dragon System Martial Arts, Fantashique Dance Crew and Omega Lamplighters were among the many performers at the rally. 

Nick Maddox, a Leon County commissioner and CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Bend, said he was thrilled with the event considering the amount of exposure kids are given to perform in front of their peers and parents.

“Awareness and exposure give kids the opportunity to make the right choice when it comes to bullying. In order to affect something like bullying, the biggest part is just getting the word out that it exists and what it is,” Maddox said. “It’s encouraging for kids to hear other kids’ stories and be able to gather together to fight bullying. The awareness piece of bullying, is what’s key.” 

In 2018, statistics show nearly 1 in 5 students reported being bullied during the school year, affecting over 5 million youth annually.

Officer Cecil Files, a Tallahassee Police Department representative, applauded Demp for focusing on something so important to local youths.

“This event helps us reinforce the fact that our youth are our future. We want them to develop leadership skills and avoid drugs and violence,” File saids. “There are things to help get involved and this event helps reinforce that.”

DJ Demp gave a heart-felt thanks to his colleagues and the Tallahassee community for attending the anti-bullying rally. Ashley K. Shift, motivational speaker and educator, recited an anti-bullying pledge along with Demp to conclude the event:

“I pledge to do my part, to stop bullying in my school and in my community. I will do my part and do my best to make others feel included, valued and respected. I will not be mean or hurtful to anyone for any reason. 

“I know that words hurt, and actions heal so I will do my best to protect others from being bullied. I will report bullying if I see it happening and will stand up for what is right. The end of bullying will begin with me.”