Orange is the new, well, everything

FAMU student Danielle Orange has two businesses up and running. Photo by Orange

Everyone knows that FAMU students are self-starters, but this Rattler takes the cake. Danielle Orange is a third-year health science student with two thriving businesses, and a part-time job as a unit secretary for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Orange’s first business is called daniyoootheconchplug. Her mission for her business is to bring an authentic Miami seafood taste to Tallahassee. She sells conch, shrimp, conch salad, conch balls and fries. Orange grew up cooking, so this isn’t new to her, but YouTube did help her perfect her skills.

Places like GVO, Potbelly’s, Scratch House, the Preserve, and venues for homecoming, have booked Orange for her catering services.

Photo by Danielle Orange

Her second business is Honey Curlz, which produces handmade, all-natural affordable products. Some of her products include wash day sets, curling custards, wave grease and growth serums. Orange learned again from YouTube what ingredients to use to create healthy natural hair without the harmful chemicals used in store market brands. She hopes that her business helps African American women and men learn more and care about their curls, hence the name.

“The main goal isn’t to just sell my products, but to help educate those who don’t know about their hair and to help others fall in love with their natural hair,” Orange said.

Even though this Rattler is a student, a working woman and a businesswoman, she has a support system to make her load a little lighter. They include boyfriend and FAMU alum Terry Jefferson.

“I help her with processing of her businesses. I make conch deliveries, help with clean up and break down. Five years from now I see her with her own food trucks and warehouse for Honey Curlz with a few employees,” he said.

Friend Kiana Ledger is another person in Orange’s life trying to help her business flourish.

“Dani is always finding ways to improve her business, I have watched her spend hours on just research. I try to help wherever I’m needed, post office drop-offs, helping sell at pop up shops, packaging orders, and even making products if she needs me too.”

Orange believes she’s just getting started.

“I do plan on expanding my businesses because I want a company, one that’s known globally, but right now the focus is getting through school and making sure I am excelling with what I have right now,” Orange said. “Time management is the most important thing about owning a business. The work is not the hard part it’s taking the time to do it.”

If you are interested in her hair care products you can visit her website at or if you are interested in her catering and food services, follow the Instagram at daniyoootheconchplug.