Facebook group Tallahassee Foodies a resource for one and all

Tallahassee Foodies main page. Photo Submitted by Bobby Rondil

Sage or Cypress?  Roboto or Sakura? Decent Pizza or Mom’s?

With so many food choices in Tallahassee, it makes you wonder what’s the best place to go. Thanks to the Tallahassee Foodies Facebook group, the problem is considerably less overwhelming.

Tallahassee Foodies, created in 2018, was made to provide food recommendations for Tallahassee residents and those who visit the area.

“It is much more of a recommendation group vs. a typical review site, distinguished by our rules,” said Jennifer Leale, one of the administrators for the Facebook group.

When writing reviews in the group chat, all types of constructive feedback is welcomed.

“We encourage positive, yet honest reviews, as we think all things can be said in a kind and constructive way,” Leale said.

When she started this chat Leale wanted to use it as a way to connect with her old lunch friends after changing jobs. She had no idea it would take off the way it has.

“As I was leaving my job and moving on to another department, I wanted to keep in touch with my lunch friends,” Leale said. “The group was created as a way for us to figure out where to meet up next.  We thought maybe a few people would join in to offer recommendations, but I had no idea that it would eventually lead to 1,000 new member requests every 11 days in the summer.”

Due to the rousing success of the group it allowed members to learn more about the variety of restaurants in the area.

“I joined the group because I love food and I love trying new places,” Brandy Vance, an active member of the group, said. “I have been introduced to so many restaurants that I might not have gone to if it weren’t for the glowing reviews. And there are still a lot of places on my list I haven’t even made it to yet.”

The group chat allows restaurant owners to get a leg up on the competition because they can see other restaurant services.

“I have a food truck called Sunday Souldood Pop Up, so this group allows me to hear the food openings and closings as well as services offered at different food establishments,” said Latasha Tanner,  owner of the Sunday Soulfood Pop Up food truck.

With a group of more than 11,000  members, Tallahassee Foodies is a huge success. Leale she couldn’t be more  pleased with how it has evolved.

“I hoped the group would be a great discovery tool, and it has indeed delivered,” Leale said.“There are people that said they’ve lived here their whole lives, yet they’re discovering places that were right around the corner from them.”