This guy down the hall is selling lashes

Andrew Chiwara is a freshman at FAMU. Photo by Andrew Chiwara

Agribusiness student Andrew Chiwara is changing the game. The lash game, to be exact. 

The only thing Black women love more than trying new hairstyles is wearing lashes, and the game changer for these women just happens to be a man.

The Broward County freshman is changing the false eyelash game on The Hill by providing affordable, high-quality false eyelashes to students at Florida A&M University. 

“I got interested in selling lashes because I knew how much money it could make, plus I knew me being a boy doing it would stand out,” Chiwara said. 

The business of selling lashes is a well-known hustle within the Black beauty community. Sellers will buy false eyelashes in bulk from foreign suppliers and resell them to customers under a new brand name and image, making a big profit.

“The fact that I am able to have a decent amount of money in my pocket while in college fulfills me most,” Chiwara said. “For now, it’s just for college but who knows what it could lead to.”

In an oversaturated market like beauty, it’s hard to stand out. With this knowledge Chiwara knew to call in backup to increase sales. 

“My entire experience selling lashes has been a learning process because I was going into a market I didn’t know anything about. I had to reach out for help from the other side,” Chiwara said.

His products are all sold through his social media account, which he built with the help of a female friend. 

His Instagram page with the brand name “Cozartts mink collection” has racked up 161 followers. The page features the lashes in their sparkly packaging surrounded by photos of satisfied customers and even brand ambassadors. 

Freshman pre-nursing student Dondra Hackler credits his success in the lash game to his easygoing personality.

“He’s always been quiet but once he gets to know someone, he’s really cool,” Hackler said. “I do feel like he’s been socializing more since he started selling lashes.”

Like many other small Black businesses, customer service is always a worry for consumers, but with Cozartt Mink Collection there’s no doubt about Chiwara’s ability to treat his customers well. 

Sha’dymon Montgomery, a close friend of Chiwara’s, believes his quiet and calm personality contributes to why the ladies on The Hill love him and his lashes.

“I have always loved Drew’s personality and his ability to balance as a professional introvert. The experience has definitely improved his patience and his relationship with the campus,” Montgomery said. 

With a dominant female population at Florida A&M University, and the demand for last-minute lashes on campus, the Cozartt Minks Collection was destined to succeed. It’s not every day that you will buy your lashes for a night out from the guy down the hall.