The evolution of wigs

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Wigs have become the holy grail of the 21st century. There was a time when as a little girl you thought that wigs were for “old people.” Nobody wanted to be seen in a wig.

Now, everyone wants a wig.

Wigs used to be something for celebrities, older people, and people with certain diseases that cause severe hair loss.

Now, everyone is ready to slap on a lace and slay their day.

Wigs are becoming more and more natural looking every day. The lace that the hair is pulled through is almost undetectable due to the tremendous amount of customizing that hairstylists do to create such a realistically natural hairline.

“I love my wigs, I honestly wouldn’t know what I would do without them. People always compliment me on my wigs and ask if it’s my hair or not,” said, Ke’Neesha Weaver, a former student at Florida A&M University.

The hair business is also a good investment right now. Many stylists are coming up by simply only specializing in wigs and laces, and making well over six figures. Stylists like Alonzo Arnold, Arrogant Tae, Tokyo Styles and more live a lavish lifestyle that some people may dream of, simply by doing what they love — hair.

“The hair industry is on the rise. I want to be a part of it myself. I love doing hair, especially other people’s hair. I like to make them feel good,” Aaysha Thelusma, a FAMU student, said.

Because of the high demand for wigs and lace products and, depending on the quality of the hair and lace, the prices can be a little bit steep. But there’s always something you could find that’s in your price range.

The great thing about wearing a wig is that it can also be a protective style for the natural girls. Keeping your hair braided up under your wigs can promote an abundance of healthy hair growth.

Jasmine Fowler, a graduate student, has a lot to say about her wigs. “I hate doing or, even wearing my natural hair because, it never comes out how I want it to and, it’s always a struggle. When I wear my wigs though, I can just throw them on and style it really quickly and, at the end of the day take it off. It’s the best feeling ever, I love it,” she said.