‘Making the Band’ Is making a comeback

The early 2000s’ hit television show, “Making the Band,” is scheduled to return to MTV in late 2020. 

Sean Diddy Combs, also known as P Diddy, said he saw the importance of the show and the impact it had on viewers worldwide, and decided to bring it back. 

Now, for those who may not be familiar with the show, it was a competition-based series where a group of individuals lived with each other and competed for a spot in the next band created from the show.

This show has produced bands like Day26, Danity Kane, and Da Band.

There have been rumors that the show was coming back but now they are no longer rumors. 

P Diddy has been advertising the need for talent for the show since he announced that it would return. 

This time, he’s looking for talent from all over America, and to submit an audition is as simple as uploading a video of you singing. 

In a video posted by the entertainment mogul, P Diddy, said, “I loved it. It was one of the happiest times of my life,” in regard to the announcement of the show’s return. 

There is a lot of talent in the world, and many different shows where it can be showcased.

However, none of them can do it quite like this show.

The reality aspect of it makes it easier for viewers to connect with the contestants and with today’s social media, the ratings will most likely be very high. 

Many former fans are extremely excited about the return of MTB and have been reliving the moments of memorable scenes throughout each season it aired. 

Marsae Johnson, a P Diddy fan and graphic designer tweeted, “I’m happy that Making the Band is back, but I hope P Diddy isn’t out there making those kids walk a bridge for cheese cake.” 

The reference to the cheesecake was a time in the show when one of the contestants had to walk a bridge for a piece of dessert. 

The hype around the show has been building to b a boil.

There are many aspiring artists who are ready to take advantage of this opportunity.

It will be interesting to see and a chance of a lifetime for many individuals. Multiple dreams came true because of opportunities involving MTB.