Local business is authorized Apple service provider

FloridaPro Computing logo. Photo courtesy pcflorida.com

It appears there is a solution to the lack of an efficient Apple repair stores in Tallahassee. 

After enduring let-downs from stores like Best Buy, ubreakifix or iDope for Apple repairs, a previously unknown entity has emerged. Located at 1306 Thomasville Road, FloridaPro Computing says it is the solution.

FloridaPro Computing is a local Apple authorized service provider. The owner, Drew Register, and operations manager Mary Katherine Register, reached out to The Famuan to inform Rattlers about their business.

“Apple establishes their stores in metropolitan areas with a high density of retail traffic, which the population of Tallahassee does not provide,” Katherine Register said.

The FloridaPro Computing store was contracted by Apple after running a small store while working on out-of-warranty Apple products. When offered the opportunity to do work with Apple the couple agreed to the offer and have been going strong for four years.

“Anything that can be done in the Apple store we can do on behalf of Apple,” Register said.

FloridaPro provides technology support services for those in the Big Bend area who need MacBook tablets, phones and personal computer repairs. They are not limited to Apple devices even though it’s their specialty.

FloridaPro Computing staff outside of Store front located at 1306 Thomasville Road. Photo courtesy google

As an Apple partner, they are contracted to perform all warranty repairs by having access to all of Apple’s diagnostic tools and systems.

With the competition from third-party stores such as ubreakifix and iDope, it’s not uncommon to choose these stores for cracked screens. But when it comes to hardware issues, the price discrepancy is what usually brings more customers to the third parties. The parts are unauthorized and inexpensive so you see how the company can always generate heavy foot traffic.

“It is not uncommon or unreasonable for people to choose a third party for a lower price repair option, but it is not uncommon for us to still have those people come to us at a later date,” she said.

FloridaPro Computing is always in the repair process after the first fix goes wrong. 

A lack of promotion for the college audience may be a problem for FloridaPro Computing. The Registers do their promotions through Apple’s referral network, which only occurs when you vocalize your issue directly to Apple.

“I feel like since we’re college students, this should be something advertised in the college community and it would increase their clientele while providing quality and reliable service to us,” said FAMU student Unique Worlds.

Though the store is not perfectly fit to meet all repair needs due to some of Apple’s policies, it is the closest thing locally. 

The store is equipped with six technicians who are trained to handle and succeed in Apple repair tasks.